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New Hero: Monk.

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Jun 27, 2012
Name Monk.

Preface I liked the original monks from Dungeon Keeper, but would like to make them quite a bit more powerfull, especially against the undead and a true buffer.

Appearance image: It somehow appears to be impossible to find a simple picture of a basic monk on any image hosting websites. People seem to call everything a monk aside from the actual thing it seems.

Stats: High.

Health: Average.
Armor: Low.
Movement Speed: Average.
Attack strength: Average.
Attack speed: Fast.
Intelligence: High.
Construction: Low.
Training Rate: Average.
Training Cost: Average.
Wage: Low.
Gender: Male.

Level 1: melee. (quarterstaff.)
Level 2: Heal.
Level 4: chant. (stops fighting and boosts the attack and morale of allies by speaking prayers out loud.)
Level 6: Holy light. (raises his quarterstaff above his head, and a diagonal beam of holy light shines down on a single enemy, blinding them and doing a high amount of light damage.)
Level 8: Holy protection. (creates a light glow on himself or an ally, which boosts the armor rating by a generous amount for a period of time.)
Level 10: Resurrect. (brings a dead ally back to life with 1 hitpoint, has a decent cooldown limit so cant be used all the time.)

Innate abilities:
-Turn undead. (whenever undead enemies come near, the Monk will hold up his cross, causing the undead to suffer from the fear effect. Only works against undead of equal or lower level than the monk.)
-Stake vampires. (can finish off unconcious or sleeping vampires with a stake, they will not respawn when killed in this manner. They will also do this to allied vampires if they share a lair with them.)
-Requires little food. The monk does not eat much and does not grow hungry as often as others,due to his sober lifestyle.
-High morale. Is not fearless but due to strong fervor will not flee too easily.
-Detect undead. Invisible undead can be spotted by monks.

Weaknesses/Resistances: strong resistance against light attacks due to familliarity, and small resistance against dark attacks due to training.

Information: The monk is a support unit which blends in nicely into the dark atmosphere of the game while still bringing holy fervor with him. He is inspired by classical monks, just like the original Dungeon Keeper monk but hes turned up a notch to really reach his full potential, making him far more usefull. Mostly a support unit, but a decent attacker if need be. They simply arent dedicated front line fighters but are very capable of supporting others from the front lines, being where the action is as long as they have strong melee fighters beside them.

Appearance: A middle aged bald man in a brown hooded robe who uses a quarterstaff as his walking stick, but doesnt require it for support, but uses it as his weapon in combat. As a good hero, he has his hood down but when converted his hood goes up to give a somewhat more sinister appearance.

Behavior in Dungeon: Likes to read books in libraries when no more research is available, likes to pray at the temple and drink in taverns. Has no interest in watching fights and won't train on his own.
Often chants in a low voice while walking around the dungeon, often speaks with fellow heroes or human minions.
He will also speak with prisoners, which can help to keep them calm.

Battle Style: Buffer. His standard attacks with the quarterstaff is quite strong and fast, but his low armor and only a holy light additional attack makes him not too suitable to fight in the front lines without the support of better melee fighters. His good health and strong morale make him capable of fighting very well alongside your melee warriors, especially once he has learned the holy protection skill.
Mostly he is a buffer of course, who heals and ressurects allies, can boost their armor and can chant to increase their attack strenght and morale.
While he has some abilities to help fight the undead, he is still very usefull when you are not fighting undead due to his good buffer abilities.
The monk will choose his moments to use the chant ability since it renders him uncapable of attacking, he can still walk while chanting however. Only one monk will chant at a time since the effects do not stack, and there needs to be a certain number of enemies present before they will chant, so that they will only use it in real fights and not a small battle where their own melee contributions would be more usefull.
He will still interrupt the chant to heal and resurrect allies.

Jobs: Research, pray at temple.

Loves: Spending time with Templars or other heroes who follow a divine calling, enjoys drinking ale, praying and likes to read at the library for entertainment.

Hates: He hates the undead and will stake vampires in their sleep if they share a lair with one. He will fight other undead if sharing a lair with them. Being around undead makes him unhappy.

Anger reaction: Will attack any undead when angry, where ever he sees them.

Lair: A modest bed with a patched blanket, with a small table with a candle next to it.

Obtainable By: Hero, must be converted. Difficult to convert.

Attracted by: Conversion. If somehow heroes can be attracted to another way in some mode, he would require a (holy) temple.

How Introduced: Early on, usually one could accompany a knight on their sacred quest to destroy evil.

Entrance Effect: [OPTIONAL] Holy chant can be heard as he enters, if he somehow can enter through other means than the torture room.

Torture: [OPTIONAL] Gets burned with heated iron.

Advisor Quotes: [OPTIONAL] Beware the monk. He may not look dangerous, but he is the bane of your undead minions, especially vampires. He is also a strong inspiration and supporter to his fellow heroes.
I would like to say some words about your ideas Rhalius.

Please, read the all previous suggestions and don't make the same suggestions. Monk actually has been here... :rolleyes:
I encourage you to check suggestion rules too.

What's more Developers of WftO cannot use any of Dungeon Keeper IP's minions such an imp, bile demon, dwarf or monk, traps, spells, chambers even the same names as were been in DK series. Only we can make substitutions, but they have to be as different as could they be.

Note that too, there is very high probability that Devs won't take your whole suggestion, but the smartest and creative ideas, part of your idea. That's why I stopped creating more and more suggestions until my idea could be really something new, simple, usable, compatible with the project idea and will bring something unique to the future game.
I won't know Dev's will 'catch it', but knowing how the project will looks more or less like and knowing good DK series I try to do something as simple as it could be and usable in the game. You are a new member so You couldn't know that, but searching for information on the forum, by Google will help you understanding what I want to say. ;)

Cheers man,
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Jun 27, 2012
Something as a monk isnt copywrited though, neither are knights, Skeletons and many other creatures.
I see no wrong in suggesting something twice if the details are quite different, it just provides multible complete overviews of a possible aspect of the game.

Just like how for concept art, many different designs are often tried and the prefered one gets chosen. Never hurts to have choice.
Jun 27, 2012
Could call it a friar or priest I gues, either way it is not under copyright since it is a proffesion that actually has existed for many centuries.

Age of empires 2 has monks too, so does Neverwinter Nights, Baldur's Gate 2, Empires: dawn of the modern world, Castle strike, etc. Theres likely hundreds of games that have monks in them. Either way it might be better to just discuss the actual hero instead of argue about copyright since thats up to the development team to decide about. Its all just suggestions, they are free to change the name, merge two ideas into one, etc.
Jan 22, 2012
lol you are serious ? In every game monk is like 100% different,but you choose a "type" that is threatingly close to DK one, which could have some problems for Kayle, Sim and rest of the crew

AoE monks are within IP and their purpose is different as night and day,
D&D monks are more of oriental martial artist than poor servants of god

Your suggestion have too many things similar with DK monks
It also does heal, he also slays vampires (that many times was stated there will not be any), have a kind of armor buff
Jun 27, 2012
gods, if only people on this forum would spend as much time actually being constructive instead of being anal about little details which are merely SUGGESTIONS there might be more activity.

People seem to take suggestions as facts about this game far too often. Have more faith in the development team.
Jun 27, 2012
I don't have the time to read every single post in this forum, I looked over the topics quickly once or twice which should be enough.

Personly I have a strong preference for a medieval setting mixed with creatures from folklore and my ideas will portray that. This does mean some of it will be a revisioned version of something that happened to be present in DK1 since it had that atmosphere as well. It does not mean anything I say has to be used, its merely suggestions. Elements of it could always be used for other creatures or heroes, like just an ability or characteristic.

But very well, next time I will give such a unit a slightly different name such as friar or such in hopes of the conversation staying on topic.
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