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New Hero: Night Raider.

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Jun 27, 2012
Name Night Raider.

Preface Something like a celtic warrior might be interesting, and I thought about what would be most suitable to fight monsters in a dark dungeon. Enter the Night raider, a celtic guerilla warrior covered in black warpaint, someone who does not fear the dark dungeons. I couldnt find a picture of a celtic warrior with the black paint, but I mean for the black paint to be in a pattern as seen on Night Raiders in Rome: total war and as in Conan: the barbarian.

Appearance image: http://fav.me/d19as16

Stats: Average.

Health: Average.
Armor: Low.
Movement Speed: Fast.
Attack strength: Above average.
Attack speed: Fast.
Intelligence: Low.
Construction: Average.
Training Rate: Average.
Training Cost: Average.
Wage: Average.
Gender: Male.

Level 1: Melee. (Hand Axe and Short sword.)
Level 2: Javelin throw. (Powerfull initial attack before he runs to his target.)
Level 4: Stealth. (can move around unseen, causing his Javelin throw to do bonus damage if he catches an enemy unaware.)
Level 6: Onslaught. (Lets out a warcry as he furiously hacks into his target with his sword and axe, each hit does regular damage but his speed is doubled during this furious attack and it forces the opponent on the defensive, unable to counter attack and just occupied trying to avoid the attacks.)
Level 8: Takedown. (Trips the target, causing it to lay on it's back. The Night Raider quickly follows up on this by slashing his axe at the floored enemy while they are still down.)
Level 10: Furious swing. (Wildly hits around himself with his short sword and axe, damaging all those around him with his wide swings.)

Innate abilities:
-First attack out of stealth lowers enemy morale.
-Fears little and fights to the death, only magical fear effects can scare the Night Raider.
-Only attacks enemies he can defeat, simply remains in stealth when he can't win, will join when allies go into battle though.
-Prefers to sneak around and attack enemies in the back or from the sides.

Weaknesses/Resistances: Has a slight resistance against dark attacks, no weaknesses aside from his low armor and average health.

Information: The Night raider makes for a great ambush unit but differs from the typical stealth units since he is no assasin. They prefer to charge at the enemies after their initial spear throw and be up close and personal, doing massive damage in melee while being quite vurnerable still, making them a priority to take out first.

Appearance: An athletic man with red hair and a beard, possibly braided hair. He is dressed in simple pants, wearing a belt with several pouches and a knife. He is bare chested, and has black stripes painted over his body and face. His short sword and hand axe are of celtic designs. He carries a diagonal belt over his torso, with a quiver on his back which contains his javelins.
He is slightly under average height but not short.

Behavior in Dungeon: Pretty much walks in stealth at all times unless he is fighting, he enjoys a good drink, watching battles and sometimes patrolls the hallways of the claimed dungeon.

Battle Style: Blitzer. The Night Raider can be described as a fast and furious guerilla fighter who can inflict great amounts of damage and can take you by surprise, they could be seen as somewhat suicidal considering their weakness in prolonged melee fights due to lack of defense, but if there are other heroes with them that can take the beating for them they make for a very dangerous enemy.

Jobs: Out of his own he will train, he can make for a good guard due to his stealth and can help out in the workshop but is nothing great at that.

Loves: He loves to drink and enjoys the company of a beautifull lass.

Hates: He could have a hatred for a creature which originates from celtic folklore, hunting this creature tirelessly. The Night Raider is very much a hunter.

Anger reaction: Will turn hostile and starts hunting down your creatures, targeting the weak ones which he can beat like usual. Having a Night Raider turn hostile in the "safe" regions of your dungeon can become quite problematic due to his stealth ability.

Lair: A simple wooden chair of a celtic design.

Obtainable By: Hero, needs to be converted.

Attracted by: Would be attracted by the training room if heroes can somehow enter the dungeon through other means.

How Introduced: Lays an ambush in the level they are introduced, at the Hero fortress. They could pretty much decimate the player's troops by surprise the first time the player sees them, unless the player really trained his troops well and brought enough numbers. Then it would still be a tough fight against since it would be a number of these fellows attacking at once along with other troops.

Entrance Effect: [OPTIONAL] (What kind of effect occurs when your Unit comes through the entrance?)

Torture: [OPTIONAL] (What does the torturer do to your Unit if it's being tortured in a torture chamber?)

Advisor Quotes: [OPTIONAL] (What would the Advisor say about this unit?)

Ben Chandler

Impassibly Cool
WFTO Backer
Jan 23, 2013
I can see these guys in the game,, as though they've come down on a last stand to free their sacred lands of evil...
I think HOWEVER, due to the fact that most typical hero characters would have been the ones who drove the celtic tribes into ruin, these guys should HATE all the rest of the good characters, except perhaps those who are less *Heroic*

They are only down here on the side of the knights etc, because they have no choice... changing the dynamic of hero characers all being goodly and civil amongst themselves. throw a few cats in among the chickens eh?
Jun 27, 2012
Heh yes they arent as goodly as others. they are true hunters and since creatures of the night are their prey, they don the black paint and become one with the night.

They might make for good troops in northern regions, supporting vikings, dwarves and such and could operate in their own groups outside of that. There's bound to be some other hero types suiteable to work with them.

Elves come to mind. While stealthy elven archers attack you from afar, the night raiders could complete the ambush with their fierce attacks up close.


Jan 11, 2012
I think the thing that sold me was this:

Elves come to mind. While stealthy elven archers attack you from afar, the night raiders could complete the ambush with their fierce attacks up close.
Sounds like a good call. Even if this particular character style isn't used, the skillset would be nice when combined with elves. Yeah, I like it.
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