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New Room: Cursed Crypt.

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Jun 27, 2012
Name: Cursed Crypt.


Buildability Yes
Cost: High.
Information: This room functions as a trap that may very well backfire.
For each tile placed, a zombie will spawn. They have low hitpoints and an average attack strenght, but are good in numbers.
They will lunge at their foes, try and pull them to the ground and then crowd around them on their knees to eat their flesh.
The important thing is that the room must be sealed off, since otherwise the zombies will wander and are just as likely to attack your own creatures as the enemy.
It may seem like a powerfull defence which it could be, but it could very well backfire on you if the enemy manages to break the door open on the wrong side, causing zombies to wander into your dungeon.
Once placed the room cannot be sold, it has to be destroyed to stop the zombies from spawning.

This will make players a bit more careful about conquering enemy dungeons, not just with normal traps but also with their decision to break down a locked door. It also allows for nasty surprises when you set up a maze of traps for your foes.

Function: It spawns neutral zombies that attack everyone, they cannot attack doors.

Wall Decoration: Openings in the wall from where the zombies come out and start wandering through the room. There are several torches on the wall to light up the room but they dont give much light.

Appearance: The floor is dirt, and there are various grave markers, urns and such here. Zombies spawn from the ground.
Jan 7, 2012
I like those spawner Ideas, So you can also keep those creatures who would be too boring as a real unit, maybe zombies could infect defeated units (just an colour changing) making a zombie outbreak harder to control if you have just weak creatures.
But it could also used as a possibility to train stronger creatures who tear zombies easily apart, dont know if thats the right purpose...
Jun 27, 2012
I am not sure yet if fighting them should give experience, either way it might be fun to let your creatures fight them in a contained enviroment just to test their abilities. Just need to be carefull since they would be killed and eaten by the mob.

Not sure about turning them into more zombies, with enough cursed crypts there could be lots of them already. And if one dies, another one could rise from the crypt. There should be some delay though.


WFTO Backer
Aug 23, 2012
To be honest, I'm not so sure on the idea, but I will a whole custard cream to the person who makes a zombie survival mode mod! ;).
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