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Patch 1.6.5 Now Available


Mar 21, 2015
guys, i have a big news for WFTO

I just installed Windows 10 fall creators update.
WFTO has received a HUGE performance improvement (on my system) from this update.

My PC spec:

CPU: Ryzen 7 1700 (OC 3.9 ghz)
GPU: Msi R9 390 (OC 1100mhz / 1600mhz)
RAM: Gskill Ripjaws 3200 mhz

Before the "Windows 10 Fall Creators update" WFTO achieved good FPS (120), but every time I scroll the camera or there many units on the screen .. FPS dropped to 35/45 (fps).

Now with Fall Creators Update (in the same map, same test mode) it stays constantly over 60 FPS .. no matter how many units there are on the screen or how fast I scroll the camera ...

Now WFTO is constantly close to 160 FPS ... a GREATEST performance improvement

(also thanks to the patch 1.6.4 I suppose) :)


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