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Patch Notes: Bedrock Beta v0.1.1 "Parmesan Cheese"


Managing Director
Brightrock Games
Nov 10, 2011
Brighton, UK
Bedrock Beta v0.1.1 "Parmesan Cheese"

Known Issues
  • Most audio has been disabled for this build
  • Game will sometimes crash on exit
  • Clicking ‘continue’ on the opening splash screen will take the player directly to map select instead of the main menu
  • Cursor continues to highlight units in possession mode
  • Splash screens appear quite small on larger resolutions
  • Gold mined in possession will sometimes appear inside your Dungeon Core
  • The Dungeon Core will sometimes appear distorted on certain graphics settings
  • Pickaxe cursor is still entirely black
  • Pickaxe cursor tip is offset by a few pixels
  • In-Game help window (F1) is incorrectly sized

New Map: Parmesan Cheese
  • Battle against the dim-witted Underlord Steve in this new close-quarters map
  • Natural edges have replaced the stone square at the edge of the map
  • Starting area redesigned to be more dungeon-building friendly
  • More starting imps added
Goodly Conflict
  • Redesigned from the (under)ground up
  • Now smaller overall, making it more likely that the player will encounter the Empire forces

  • Basic attack damage reduced
  • When dropped, workers will now prioritise tasks in the nearby area
  • In possession, mined gold will be sent directly to your Treasury or Dungeon Core instead of filling up the Worker's gold inventory
  • Most units have had their movement speed and acceleration increase
  • Unit pathing should now be smoother with less turns

New Features
Picking up and Dropping
  • You can now pick up and drop units
  • Left click picks up, right click drops
  • This is very, very rudimentary right now - no animations, units float midair, etc
  • You can now slap units
  • Slapping will knock units back
  • Slapping will also deal a small amount of damage... try not to kill all of your imps!
We have added a number of hotkeys, including some with 'cheat' functionality that will allow you to manipulate the world and further enhance your bug-hunting abilities.
  • 1 will jump the camera to your Dungeon Core
  • 2 will reset the camera
  • 3 will toggle the UI
  • F1 will toggle the help window
  • F4 will toggle debug information
  • Insert/Delete will adjust the camera pitch
  • Numpad - will downgrade/remove a block
  • Numpad + will upgrade a block
  • L will build a Lair
  • T will build a Treasury
  • F will build a Foundry
  • R will build a Archive
  • U will build a Slaughterpen
  • Numpad 0 will spawn a Worker
  • Numpad 1 will spawn a Augre
  • Numpad 2 will spawn a Cultist
  • Numpad 3 will spawn a Firebreather
  • Numpad 4 will spawn a Gargoyle
  • Numpad 5 will spawn a Gnarling
  • Numpad 6 will spawn a Juggernaut

Misc Changes
  • An icon has been added to the game executable
  • Opening splash screen has been updated
  • Exit splash screen has been added, prompting the user to provide feedback and/or bug reports
  • Loading screen has had 'How to play' information added to it (Press F1 to bring this window up in-game)
  • Escape will now cancel possession (along with space)
  • Default zoom increased
UI Improvements
This is the first of many sets of UI improvements that you will be seeing in the coming months. Our main focus with this first update was fixing a few core usability issues that were affecting many users.
  • UI is now anchored to the bottom of the screen
  • Removed artifacts around some buttons
  • Cursor will no longer change to pickaxe mode when over buttons
  • Units will now be highlighted on mouseover
  • Basic tooltips added
  • Pickaxe cursor has been updated for enhanced visual clarity
  • Tiles are now highlighted when dragging to build a room
  • UI is now hidden in possession
Fog of War
Please note that this is a stopgap solution to make the game easier to play until we revamp the fog of war system and have properly lit tagged tiles.
  • Gold tiles are now visible through fog of war
  • Tagged tiles are now visible through fog of war

Bug Fixes
  • Clicking ‘Main Menu' on the opening splash screen now will take the player to the main menu instead of map select
  • Selling treasury tiles should no longer cause gold to appear inside your Dungeon Core (however, gold mined in Possession can break this)
  • Rotating the camera in possession should no longer cause the camera to jitter
  • Empire units should now create lairs
  • Tagging fortified walls should now shade the entire block instead of just the earth
  • Lights should no longer create red/yellow circles on the walls
  • Fortified wall connectors should no longer spawn inside earth tiles
  • Player should no longer be able to possess enemy units
  • Enemy Micropiglets should no longer grant vision
  • Selling and rebuilding a room should no longer cause props to fail to spawn
  • Fixed missing Archive texture (thanks Aierwin!)
  • Game should no longer crash on exit
  • Room tiles should no longer sporadically become green
  • Cursor light should now be more consistent
  • Imps should no longer perform a 180 degree turn after claiming a tile
  • Foundry should now only spawn one prop mesh per tile
May 19, 2013
So, how do I get the update? I bought the game on Steam. Under properties I have the "keep it updated automatically" checked. Under the beta updating tab, I do not have an option to update betas, which is odd since this game IS a beta. There is a box asking for a code/password for private betas, but steam has never sent me any such number except an order number, which does not work in this box.
May 19, 2013
It updated just fine. I was just a little to quick with my question. Thanks. I am looking forward to this...it has been a looong time coming. And I still play DK2.
May 19, 2013
Don't normally follow games to know exactly when updates are pushed, but does steam stagger updates across it's user base so as to keep it's service from getting bogged down as often? Cause I've yet to see any update as out for it on Steam.


Managing Director
Brightrock Games
Nov 10, 2011
Brighton, UK
Don't normally follow games to know exactly when updates are pushed, but does steam stagger updates across it's user base so as to keep it's service from getting bogged down as often? Cause I've yet to see any update as out for it on Steam.
Try restarting your Steam client.

Oh my god, hahahaha, is that a legitimate bug? :D
Not really a bug, just the result of us opening up the camera to be completely free (for the moment anyway :) ).
May 22, 2013
Yeah it goes forward, nice :D

Can you please consider to make the workers less aggressive? No glue that they attack everything they see :D
May 30, 2013
Glasgow, Scotland
Looks good, game actually feels better. Already lost count of how many times I've slapped things trying to drop critters though. Oh keep picking imps up when trying to summon more too.

All was going great, running well then when I broke through the keepers walls I dropped about 10 critters into a fight and the game slowed to a crawl.
May 22, 2013
Yeah those things happened to me, too :D

Slapping while try to drop or summon.

Sadly half the time my real minions ran away from the enemies while my imps suicided themselves with the enemies ^^


WFTO Backer
Dec 25, 2012
I love how you can endlessly spawn creatures. I thought this was a bug (RTFM, I know) but it's still funny as hell to have so many Imps your whole dungeon is full of them. :D


WFTO Backer
Feb 18, 2013
Just the ability to pick up and drop creatures makes this a massive improvement over the last version. It feels a lot better to play already.

Also, can you actually beat Parmesan Cheese? I captured the room Steve's dungeon heart is in (I'll call it Dungeon Heart as long as I live), but nothing happened.
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