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Patch Notes: Bedrock Beta v0.4.2 "Unholy Trinity"


Managing Director
Brightrock Games
Nov 10, 2011
Brighton, UK
Patch Notes: Bedrock Beta v0.4.2 "Unholy Trinity"
The game will now run on OS X again. Please let us know if you encounter any issues!
The game will now run on Linux again. Please let us know if you encounter any issues!
Known Issues
Please don’t report these
  • Unit grouping has been temporarily removed
  • Some objects are rendering without transparency (most notably: unit shields)
  • Some units whose animations cause them to drastically switch positions do not update their location properly after the animation
Work-In-Progress Features
The following features are not yet complete and may be a bit rough around the edges!
  • Stumpy’s Challenge level
  • The UI used to access Potions and Rituals
  • VFX/user feedback for Potions and Rituals
  • Subtitles
  • Beastmaster visuals (currently a recoloured Chunder)
  • Arena visuals (currently a recoloured Prison)
  • Arena/Beastmaster mechanics
  • Spirit Chamber/Witch Doctor visuals & mechanics
  • Gargoyle visuals
  • Ember Demon/Ember Rift visuals & mechanics
  • Tavern visuals & mechanics
  • Possession
  • Unit Needs system
If you encounter any bugs or issues please post up a thread in our bug report forums (and make sure you specify that you are on the patch testing branch!). If this is your first time using the bug report forum, please familiarise yourself with the bug report guidelines.

Sanctuary/Ritual Changes
  • Sanctuary now has a 30 second cooldown time after any ritual is cast, during this time no new rituals can be started
  • You can now drop units on the altar to sacrifice them, you can cancel this within 5 seconds
    • Sacrificing units will increase the speed at which the ritual is prepared
Transmutation Changes
  • Transmutation now only affects a single tile
  • Now provides 5000 gold to that tile
  • It is no longer possible to drop the potion on a tile that already has 5000 gold
Visual Improvements
  • A new set of smaller, less obtrusive wall toppers have been implemented for every theme
  • The Augre has received a complete visual overhaul, now leading candidate in the Mr. Underworld competition
  • The cultists have clubbed together and installed a real floor in the Sanctuary, no more long nights removing congealed blood from between their toes
  • Rhaskos’ dungeon theme has received a texture overhaul
  • Replacement Wall assets are now in the game (still missing VFX)
  • Gold Vortex assets are now in the game (still missing VFX)
  • Small update to Archive floor texture
Debug Console Changes
  • Console commands are no longer case sensitive
  • New Tool: CompletePotions [Faction] - Completes any in progress potions for a specific player
  • New Tool: CompleteRituals [Faction] - completes any in progress rituals for a specific player
  • New Tool: CreatePotion [Potion] - creates a potion in your hand
  • SpellTerrain is now SpellTile allowing placement of all tile types including rooms for a specified player with no restrictions
  • Debug mode is now required to hide the UI or cursor with ‘3’ or ‘4’
Other Features, Improvements & Changes
  • Dropping a Micropiglet on a Unit will now force the unit to eat the pig
  • A new set of animations have been added to the Alchemy Lab
  • Workers will now only attempt to drop gold in the player’s reserves if there is space for their entire bag of gold
  • Units under the effects of the Obey spell will now ignore their needs and will continue to work despite their desires
  • Prophecy now fades in and out quicker and lasts a slightly shorter time overall
    • 1 Second fade in
    • 3 seconds of full vision
    • 1 second fade out
  • Mana-locking for picking up units now ignores the 500 mana minimum rule
  • Made the veins of evil opening animation significantly smoother
  • It is no longer possible to trigger defences when you have an aspect selected
  • Camera movement speed now adjusts to level of zoom, the closer you are the slower the camera moves
  • The cursor now remains still whilst panning or rotating the camera with the middle mouse button
  • Rooms, Spells and Defences tabs on the GUI will now maintain a fixed order when unlocked
  • Rally flags may now be placed in tiles that are visible even if they are concealed by fog of war
  • Opening the Veins of Evil now unselects any Aspect that is currently selected
  • It is now possible to rotate the Camera by pressing the Q & E keys
  • Right clicking on a room icon will now cycle between instances of that room
Bug Fixes
  • Fixed Bafu not being able to hit each other
  • Gargoyles no longer hit units behind them
  • Minimap will now update correctly when you capture an enemy room that is concealed in fog of war
  • Richard Ridings is now gracing us with his godly voice once more
  • Fixed hovering Templar and Priestess
  • Fixed two incidents of main menu music sometimes playing
  • Brimstone and Permafrost should now work correctly on all levels
  • Fixed an issue affecting players on specific hardware that would prevent gold object spawns, causing workers to break when gold reserves were full
  • Fixed some logic that caused workers to sometimes ignore KO’d units
  • After the equality movement brown rats are now allowed to spawn with their white and black kin
  • Fixed dropping potions into cauldrons breaking the placeholder UI for that cauldron
  • Fixed some texture flaws with the Natural Bridge tiles
  • Fixed various VFX not playing when they should
  • Fixed bug that prevented aspects unlocked on level start from increasing mana pool
  • Fixed Minimap not loading on second level load
  • Units turned to gold by Blood Money are no longer counted as active units
  • Fixed an issue that caused the process of corrupting enemy units in the torture chamber to be dramatically slower than intended
  • Subtitles should now be displayed in a consistent position
  • Veins of evil window should no longer appear misaligned of player rotates camera
  • Fixed an issue that prevented objects being moved to edge of rooms when built, allowing objects to become stuck in rooms such as the Prison
  • Fixed being able to damage your own units via slap when they’re encased in Quick Freeze
  • Rats no longer transform into tasty micropiglets when eaten
  • Fixed Dungeon Cores not being equally attackable from all sides
  • Chunder designs have been corrected with the note “Stick em with pointy end”, Ballista arrows no longer travel backwards
  • Fixed units and pigs dying in hand causing infinite mana-locking
  • Cancelling the Underminer with a left click should now stop the SFX and VFX appropriately
  • Michael Jackon - Thriller no longer played throughout the Dungeon, Minions should now stop moonwalking at random
  • Fixed gold appearing on neighbouring tiles if selling a maximum capacity vault tile while at full gold
  • Units that are affected by blood money while in prison should now be mined appropriately
  • Fixed wire cuboid in hand when gold is picked up
  • Behemoth has been lifting, now deals damage when attacking
  • Fixed a scripting error that could occur when unlocking aspects in the tutorial
  • Fixed a UI Error that caused the unit portrait of beasts to permanently disappear if you disowned a beast through the beast den
  • Fixed Fortify ritual not correctly fortifying corner tiles
  • Fixed re-casting of same ritual instant completion
  • Fixed being unable to cast Rally or Impasse in Lair or Slaughterpen
  • Fixed being able to cast heal on units that did not need it
  • Fixed a logic bug that caused workers to only dig Blood Money “statues” once and then run away
  • Players should now correctly be able to pick up statues in all circumstances
  • Fixed mana being locked by rooms which have been sold
  • Fixed a bug which prevented units being picked up from some props under certain circumstances
  • Work-a-lot potion now correctly increases efficiency
  • Gnarlings no longer train in the barracks by attempting to intimidate the training prop
  • Shockwave now works again
  • Gateway no longer floats
  • Units in the Prison and Arena can no longer be recalled
  • Units can no longer escape from Prison and Arena
  • Rally flags no longer block defence placement
  • Sanctuary altars now only appear once the room is 3x3
  • Units will no longer get stuck inside replacement walls as they are built
  • Rhaskos' Domain now has music
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