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Patch Notes: Bedrock Beta v0.4.3 "Calm Before the Storm"


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Brightrock Games
Nov 10, 2011
Brighton, UK
Patch Notes: Bedrock Beta v0.4.3 "Calm Before the Storm"
Multiplayer Test
These fixes have also been pushed to the v0.5.0 multiplayer test.
Known Issues
Please don’t report these
  • Unit grouping has been temporarily removed
  • Some objects are rendering without transparency (most notably: unit shields)
  • Some units whose animations cause them to drastically switch positions do not update their location properly after the animation
Work-In-Progress Features
The following features are not yet complete and may be a bit rough around the edges
  • The UI used to access Potions and Rituals
  • VFX/user feedback for Potions and Rituals
  • Subtitles
  • Beastmaster visuals (currently a recoloured Chunder)
  • Arena visuals (currently a recoloured Prison)
  • Arena/Beastmaster mechanics
  • Spirit Chamber/Witch Doctor visuals & mechanics
  • Gargoyle visuals
  • Ember Demon/Ember Rift visuals & mechanics
  • Tavern visuals & mechanics
  • Possession
If you encounter any bugs or issues please post up a thread in our bug report forums (and make sure you specify that you are on the patch testing branch!). If this is your first time using the bug report forum, please familiarise yourself with the bug report guidelines.

Revamped Unit Behaviour
  • Dropping a unit by a task will now cause the unit to prioritise that task even after they go and fulfill their basic needs
  • Assigning a task via a prop in the following rooms will now automatically call units to work on that task:
    • Sanctuary
    • Alchemy Lab
    • Torture Chamber
    • Spirit Chamber
  • Necromancers will interrupt whatever they are doing to summon a Ghoul when their Summon ability is ready, unless you have recently assigned them to another task
  • Augres will interrupt whatever they are doing to keep Garrison props active at all times, unless you have recently assigned them to another task
Other Features, Improvements & Changes
  • The Gold Vortex will now close when there is no more available storage in your dungeon
  • Certain Veins of Evil Aspects will now no longer be unlockable until the appropriate room is unlocked
    • Defences require Foundry
    • Potions require Alchemy Lab
    • Rituals require Sanctuary
  • Replacement Walls must now be triggered by the Underlord before the wall is deployed from the box
  • Unit spawning has been improved in several ways, especially in situations when multiple new units are able to spawn
  • Ember Demon and Frost Weaver can no longer be used for any unit recycling (Blood Money, Rituals, Torture, Crypt)
  • Minor texture update to the Natural Bridge
  • Workers can now carry 1000 gold instead of 3000
  • Increased the speed at which workers mine gold from gold shrines
Bug Fixes
  • Fixed several issues relating to claiming rooms, shrines, and gateways owned by an enemy player
  • Once again fixed a bug that caused tiles to become unhighlighted for a short time after a worker claims a neighbouring tile
  • Fixed several minor issues on Rhaskos’ Domain
  • VFX from unit attacks will no longer be applied to the Dungeon Core
  • Shockwave now actually creates a shockwave
  • Necromancer’s Ghouls should no longer attack their Necromancer or his other Ghouls while in the arena
  • It should no longer be possible to hear most ambient and unit noises through the Fog of War
  • Ghouls should no longer be prematurely released from a Necromancer’s control when Blood Money is cast upon him
  • Fixed Feral Ghouls being treated as friendly by other units
  • Fixed Feral Ghouls being owned by a Necromancer even after turning feral
  • It is no longer possible to cast Blood Money on unconscious units
  • Fixed a number of alpha-map issues that were causing incorrect transparency in the Sanctuary, Archive, Lair and Slaughterpen
  • Super-sizer liquid removed from cauldrons, giant potions will no longer be created when storing a potion within a cauldron
  • Legislation preventing sacrifices has been overturned, the Sanctuary Altar can once again be used to sacrifice minions.
  • A terrifying experiment involving the prison rats and copious amounts of helium has been reverted, Rats no longer floating around the Prison
  • Fixed a bug that did not destroy the quick-freeze potion on use if dropped on a defence
  • Fixed a bug that sometimes prevented the no-path effect of quick-freeze to be sustained after ice had disappeared
  • Fixed revelation not revealing AI Dungeons
  • Recall should now correctly return Frost Weavers to the Dungeon Core
  • Cultists will now once again play their VFX when channeling Rituals
  • Prophecy VFX should no longer last for a significantly longer period than the spell itself
  • Some fixes to Worker AI should help reduce the number of slacking workers in your dungeon
  • You now correctly lose the Tutorial level if your Dungeon Core is destroyed (if you somehow manage to make that happen)
  • Empire Units that you have attracted to your employ will now fulfil their basic needs
  • Fixed a game crash related to dying while in possession mode
  • Fixed an issue that caused a player’s camera to become locked in an FPS view if they possessed a unit that was about to die
  • Gold shrines should now once again turn blue when toggled on
  • Ramparts are no longer submerged into the floor
  • Using the ‘4’ debug hotkey to hide the Underlord’s hand will no longer prevent you from showing the hand again
  • Units are now appropriately satisfied if you drop a piglet on their head or feed them via Magical Meat
  • Fixed gold blocks being mined too quickly
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Jan 23, 2013
The Netherlands
Because you can cast spells just fine without an archive. However, you NEED a foundry to build traps, you NEED an alchemy lab to brew potions, and you NEED a sanctuary to cast rituals.
Doesn't really answer my question, spells usually come from books, the Archive contains books. Therefore I thought it would be appropriate to have an Archive to unlock spells just like it was in Dungeon Keeper.
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Jun 6, 2014
Spells aren't researched anymore, they are unlocked.
Archives just increases the speed at which you acquire sins to unlock stuff with, but is not required to unlock or use spells wheras you can't build defenses without a foundry, perform rituals without a sanctuary, or brew potions without and alchemy lab.


Brightrock Games
Nov 18, 2011
They did after being defeated in the Arena, which we just have internally fixed. For now grabbing and dropping them should fix it, if they do so.
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