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Patch Notes: Bedrock Beta v0.5.0 "Dungeons for One"


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Nov 10, 2011
Brighton, UK
Patch Notes: Bedrock Beta v0.5.0 "Dungeons for One"
Multiplayer is coming soon! Please see WFTO Wednesday #88 for more details.
Known Issues
Please don't report these!
  • Windowed mode has multiple issues:
    • Window remains on top of all other windows at all times
    • The mouse lock can sometimes lock your cursor to other windows
    • Because of these, we'd recommend sticking to full screen for now
  • Some objects are rendering without transparency (most notably: unit shields)
  • The game will briefly freeze the first time you take an action each level
  • Bone chiller VFX is currently a tad broken, especially in blueprint mode
  • The Oculus is floating too high off the ground, especially in combat
  • Ballistas in Rhaskos' Domain do not shoot
  • Shadows are damaging themselves in combat
  • Resizing the Spirit Chamber causes the props to raise into the air
  • Rhaskos has green workers
  • Bafus deal no damage
Work-In-Progress Features
The following features are not yet complete and may be a bit rough around the edges!
  • Stumpy’s Challenge level
  • VFX/user feedback for Potions and Rituals
  • Subtitles
  • Beastmaster visuals (currently a recoloured Chunder)
  • Ember Demon/Ember Rift visuals & mechanics
  • Tavern visuals & mechanics
  • Possession
If you encounter any bugs or issues please post up a thread in our bug report forums (and make sure you specify that you are on the patch testing branch!). If this is your first time using the bug report forum, please familiarise yourself with the bug report guidelines.

New Defence: Midas' Door

  • Vein: Mid Sloth
  • Cost: 5000 gold, 0 mana, 8 defence parts
  • Instead of taking damage, this door removes gold from your vaults when damaged
New Defence: Portcullis
  • Vein: Mid Neutral
  • Cost: 2500 gold, 0 mana, 6 defence parts
  • Four-way door that can placed on any claimed tile (doesn't need adjacent walls)
New Defence: Warding Totem
  • Vein: Mid Neutral
  • Cost: 1000 gold, 25 mana, 1 defence part
  • Can be placed anywhere on the map to grant vision in a wide radius
  • Continues to grant vision for a short period after being destroyed
New Defence: Outpost
  • Vein: Mid Wrath
  • Cost: 5000 gold, 0 mana, 3 defence parts
  • Once built, will create a single claimed tile
  • Can be placed anywhere on the map
New Defence: Bombard
  • Vein: Early Sloth
  • Cost: 500 gold, 25 mana, 3 defence parts
  • Replaces the Ballista
  • Has an 'Overdrive mode' that doubles rate of fire but causes the Bombard to take 50 damage every shot
New Potion: Hellfire
  • Vein: Late Wrath
  • Cost: 7500 gold
  • Destroys wall tiles in a small area
New Potion: Wisdom Juice
  • Vein: Late Neutral
  • Cost: 5000 gold
  • Grants XP to units in a small area
New Potion: Wormhole
  • Vein: Late Neutral
  • Cost: 10000 gold
  • Instantly teleport all units (friend & foe) within the radius to your Dungeon Core
New Potion: Haste
  • Vein: Mid Wrath
  • Cost: 1250 gold
  • Greatly increases the movement speed of all units in a small area, the amount decreases over the duration of the effect
New Potion/Unit: Spirit Workers
  • Vein: Late Neutral
  • Cost: 2000 gold
  • Summons several Spirit Workers
  • Spirit workers are much faster and more efficient than normal workers, but will despawn after a short period of time
  • Suprit Workers are also invulnerable to damage and cannot be targeted by the enemy, but they also cannot mine enemy walls or claim enemy tiles
New Potion/Unit: Frost Weaver
  • Vein: Late Sloth
  • Cost: 3500 gold
  • Summons a Frost Weaver to defend your dungeon
  • Frost Weavers are incredibly powerful defensive units, but lack any strong offensive capability
  • Frost Weavers will also melt and eventually die, and are unable to be healed in any way
  • See WFTO Wednesday #85 for more details
New Unit: Shadow
  • The Shadow is attracted to your dungeon by upgrading your Beast Den
  • See WFTO Wednesday #85 for more details
New Unit: Oculus
  • The Oculus is attracted to your dungeon by building a Beast Den
  • See WFTO Wednesday #85 for more details
New Spell: Volcanic Bridge
  • Vein: Late Wrath
  • Cost: 200 mana
  • Summons a neutral volcanic bridge tile
  • Can be used on lava and water anywhere on the map
  • Can be claimed and sold by any player
New Spell: Enrage
  • Vein: Early Wrath
  • Cost: 250 mana
  • Increases the movement and attack speeds of a single unit for a short time
New Spell: Annex
  • Vein: Early Wrath
  • Cost: 150 mana
  • Mines out earth tiles, claims dirt tiles
  • Can only be used adjacent to friendly territory
New Ritual: Revelation
  • Vein: Late Wrath
  • Cost: 900 preparation
  • Reveals the entire enemy dungeon for a short time
New Ritual: Prospector
  • Vein: Mid Neutral
  • Cost: 200 preparation
  • Reveals any unmined gold and unclaimed shrines on the map for a short time
New Ritual: Assembly
  • Vein: Late Sloth
  • Cost: 750 preparation
  • Automatically completes any defence blueprints inside your territory
New Ritual: Eclipse
  • Vein: Late Neutral
  • Cost: 1200 preparation
  • Resets enemy FoW to black (aside from areas they currently have vision of)
New Room Upgrade: Foundry
  • Vein: Late Sloth
  • Increases the amount of defence parts stored per prop from 2 to 6
New Room Upgrade: Archive
  • Vein: Late Neutral
  • Adds a second work point to each prop
New Room Upgrade: Beast Den
  • Vein: Late Wrath
  • Allows the Shadow and Bafu to spawn (normal Beast Den only allows Skarg and Oculus)
Spirit Chamber Changes
  • Spirit Chamber mana lock removed
  • Spirit Chamber gold cost per second increased from 10 to 250
  • Spirit Chamber XP per second increased from 30 to 200
Unit Ability Rework
  • All units are having their abilities redesigned to focus on several key points:
    • Focus (ie, it fits with the unit role)
    • Visual clarity (the effects are easy to see, most 'invisible' passives have been removed)
    • Fun (removing cases where units may make decisions that the player dislikes)
  • We're also adding several new stats to units
    • Attack Speed (controls ability cooldown and animation speed)
    • Power (controls damage, healing, and condition times)
    • Morale (controls how likely a unit is to flee)
  • So far, the following units have their new abilities implemented:
    • Gnarling
    • Chunder
    • Bafu
    • Augre
    • Skarg
    • Shadow
    • Oculus
    • Templar
    • Priestess
    • Juggernaut
    • Warden
    • Firebreather
    • Lord O'Theland
  • Please note that the visuals for the new abilities will be completely broken right now
  • See WFTO Wednesday #85 for more details
  • See this document for specifics on all ability changes
Unit Grouping Panel
  • The Unit Grouping panel has been added
  • Please note that the visuals, names, and functionality of this panel is very much a work in progress
  • The + button next to each group flag is used to add units to a group
  • Rally All is located beneath the 5 group buttons
  • Next to Rally All is Rall All Beasts, although it is currently not functional
  • At the bottom is Imp Rally and Impasse
  • Imp Rally is used to prioritise worker tasks in a 5x5 area (multiple of these can be placed down at once)
UI Changes
  • Ritual UI added
    • Click the Ritual icon at the top to select a Ritual
    • Right click to zoom to Sanctuary
  • Potion UI added
    • Click the potion tab to access
    • Top row of buttons will order your units to brew potions
    • Small number at the bottom right indicates the amount of that potion currently being brewed
    • Right click on top row of buttons to zoom to those in-progress potions
    • Bottom row picks those potions up
    • Right click on bottom row of buttons to zoom to completed potions
    • Big number on the left indicates the amount of empty cauldrons available to brew potions
  • UI will now resize when the window is resized
  • Added several tooltips to the resource bars
  • Updated style of all icons
  • Improvements made to the Dungeon Core health ring
  • UI panels now have scroll bars if they extend off the edge of the screen
Map Updates
  • Mudbox
    • Added multiple extra Underworld and overworld Gateways to the right hand side of the map
    • Added one of each shrine to the right hand side of the map
    • Sealed off the starting Gateways (this prevents units spawning until you claim them)
    • Removed central tile in Beast Den (this prevents units spawning until you replace it)
    • Cleaned up all pre-placed rooms
    • It is now possible to lose
  • Stumpy's Challenge
    • Attacking units should no longer flee
  • Rhaskos' Domain
    • Reduced the amount of enemy units that spawn
    • Removed one of Rhaskos' Gateways
  • Tutorial
    • Many minor fixes & tweaks
Debug Mode Changes
  • You can now press F6 to speed up the game in debug mode (cycles between 3 speeds)
  • Pressing 5 in debug mode will now toggle unit shields
  • Pressing 4 in debug mode will now hide the cursor
  • Pressing (.) and (,) in slow motion mode (F5 whilst in debug mode) will speed up and slow down the game (between 0% and 100% speed)
  • InfiniteGold debug command added
  • CompletePotions debug command added
  • CompleteRitual debug command added
  • F9 triggers 'recording mode', we aren't documenting this as it's for internal use, but feel free to play around with it - just don't report any bugs related to it
  • Version string is now included in the output log
Other Features, Improvements & Changes
  • You can now right click on in-progress and completed potions to destroy them (via slapping, in true Underlord style)
  • Hand will now animate correctly when interacting with potions
  • Beasts now die upon KO (meaning they can no longer be rescued or captured)
  • Gnarlings now only spawn if a Barracks is present
  • You can now pick up gold from a Vault tile
  • Garrison now covers a radius of 6.5 tiles
  • When a job appears (such as a Garrison prop to activate or a potion to brew), the closest available unit will now go to it instead of a random one
  • Dropping a unit on a prop that is being worked will remove the previous worker and cause the unit you dropped to work it instead
  • Increased base population by 12.5% (40 to 45)
  • Increased Gateway population increase by 50% (20 to 30)
  • Arena no longer grants bonus XP (previously granted 100% bonus XP)
  • Units held in a prison (or otherwise captured by an enemy faction) now count towards the captors population instead of the owners population
  • Cultist now spawn if you have either a Sanctuary or an Archive, and won't overspawn if you have both
  • Improvements to unit fleeing
    • When a unit flees, it will not instantly run back to combat (only to flee again)
    • Instead, they will return to the dungeon to heal up
    • Dropping fleeing units back into combat will cause they to return to battle
  • Removed the cooldown on Necromancer's Raise Ghoul ability
  • Necromancer can now only summon 2 Ghouls per level (max of 10 Ghouls at level 5)
  • Defence blueprints are now visible through the fog of war
  • Magical Meat has been moved from Wrath to Neutral in the Veins of Evil
  • Improved worker behaviour for bringing defence parts to blueprints (they should no longer bring too many parts and then leave them by the completed defence)
  • Units in combat now always show their shield (instead of only when they had taken damage)
  • Perception Shrine radius now expands over a short period of time instead of appearing instantly (this fixes the small freeze that occurred when claiming one)
  • Units will now select their lair spots intelligently, prioritising spots close to their primary rooms and needs
  • Sanctuaries now spawn far fewer props
  • Added an Execution Toggle prop to the Arena
    • Toggling Execution Mode on causes all intelligent units (friend or foe) unfortunate enough to get dropped into the arena to be executed, meaning they die a very quick and painful death, granting your other units a happiness and experience bonus
    • Currently this prop is a blue cube
  • Prospector now reveals all shrines and gateways on the map regardless of owner
  • Loose defence parts are now returned to the Foundry by your workers, and will despawn if left on the ground for too long
  • Re-enabled alt-enter shortcut to toggle between windowed and fullscreen mode
  • Recall is now always free to cast
  • All units now have a vision radius of 5 tiles instead of 3 tiles (Oculus has a vision radius of 7 tiles)
  • Adjusted mana cost of all spells, most are now cheaper
  • Defences can only be placed on tiles that you currently have vision of (this applies to defences like the Underminer and Annex)
  • Launcher now allows you to select which monitor you want the game to appear on
  • Several improvements to unit fleeing have been made
  • Units behind Arena and Prison fences are easier to pick up
Visual Improvements
  • Final Arena visuals added
  • Garrison textures updated
  • Garrison VFX updated
  • Archive floor edge texture updated
  • Slaughterpen floor edge texture updated
  • Bone Chiller texture updated
  • Bone Chiller VFX updated
  • Obey VFX updated
  • Wall torch VFX yodated
  • Gateways VFX updated
  • Alchemy Lab VFX updated
  • Perception Shrine VFX updated
  • VFX added to Spirit spawning and death
  • VFX added to several unit beds
  • VFX added to Replacement Wall
  • Updated Rhaskos theme tile topper
Bug Fixes
  • Fixed Ghouls floating midair if a Necromancer was thrown down a gateway (they are now destroyed along with the Necromancer)
  • Fixed culling issues in possession
  • Fixed slapping units not increasing efficiency
  • Fixed Chunders occasionally doing the Cha-Cha Slide before working
  • Fixed camera rotation breaking subtitles
  • Fixed units getting stuck staring at the Dungeon Core
  • Fixed strange behaviour with Ghouls in the Arena
  • Fixed Beast Den sometimes being locked in the Veins of Evil
  • Fixed invisible props showing selection wireframes
  • Fixed the Veins of Evil covering up subtitles
  • Fixed the Veins of Evil occasionally closing if the user rapidly clicked
  • Fixed minor issue with corner tiles sometimes not fortifying
  • Fixed camera in Tutorial behaving strangely during cutscenes if possession was used
  • Fixed picking up gold being broken on maps with infinite gold
  • Fixed units with slow resistance also being resistant to speed buffs
  • Fixed various issues with the Arena
  • Fixed Ghouls floating in mid-air if their Necromancer was dropped down a Gateway
  • Fixed issues with corrupted Empire units in combat
  • Fixed most cases of units getting stuck inside replacement walls (in the rare occasion that a unit does get stuck, it will now teleport back to the owner's dungeon)
  • Fixed Blood Money statues being able to eat
  • Fixed workers sometimes not taking gold back to the Vault
  • Fixed clicking the Dungeon Core icon on the UI not working
  • Fixed units floating midair
  • Fixed some issues with prison walls
  • Fixed gold piles having grey edges
  • Fixed workers not playing their claim dance
  • Fixed not being able to drop defence parts on the Rampart
  • Fixed several broken props on Mudbox
  • Fixed broken win condition on several MP maps
  • Fixed issues resulting from playing the Tutorial twice in a row
  • Non-Combat units (such as Spirit Workers and Spirits) units will now always ignore combat
  • Fixed Underminer VFX
  • Fixed VFX unintentionally playing on units that have been turned to gold with Blood Money
  • Fixed being able to use tagging or spells to distinguish between dug and not dug out tiles in the fog of war
  • Fixed an issue that caused units and defences pre-placed on maps to sometimes behave strangely
  • Fixed workers not being able to move dead Beasts
  • Fixed issues relating to unloading levels
  • Fixed an issue that caused units to get stuck if they attempted to do a 180 degree turn
  • Fixed converted units trying to use their old beds
  • Fixed Necromancer not requiring a Slaughterpen to spawn
  • Fixed Bafu clipping through walls upon death
  • Fixed units getting stuck near Arena and Prison fences
  • Fixed units spawned on lower terrain being permanently lower down in the game world
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I'm curious, is the ritual uprising still planned to be in the game? It seems to have become unnecessary.


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Nov 18, 2011
We are working on something like this but it will take while before it's done. Should be quite possible till next major patch.
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