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Patch Notes: Bedrock Beta v0.5.1 "Dungeons for Two" & v0.5.2 "The Return of the Maps"


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Brightrock Games
Nov 10, 2011
Brighton, UK
Patch Notes: Bedrock Beta v0.5.1 "Dungeons for Two" & v0.5.2 "The Return of the Maps"

Known Issues
Please don't report these!
  • Windowed mode has multiple issues:
    • Window remains on top of all other windows at all times
    • The mouse lock can sometimes lock your cursor to other windows
    • Because of these issues we'd recommend sticking to full screen for now
  • Some objects are rendering without transparency (most notably: unit shields)
  • The game will briefly freeze the first time you take an action each level
  • Rhaskos has green workers
  • Issues in Survival:
    • Building a room over a Pighibitor will destroy it
    • The Pig Boss’ fireball attack cannot hit certain defences
Work-In-Progress Features
The following features are not yet complete and may be a bit rough around the edges!
  • Beastmaster visuals (currently a recoloured Chunder)
  • Ember Demon/Ember Rift visuals & mechanics
  • Tavern visuals & mechanics
  • Possession
If you encounter any bugs or issues please post up a thread in our bug report forums (and make sure you specify that you are on the patch testing branch!). If this is your first time using the bug report forum, please familiarise yourself with the bug report guidelines.

  • Multiplayer has been added to the game!
  • It should be pretty self explanatory once you open it up, however we are going to be putting together a guide video for it next week
  • Please post any issues you find in our bug forum and any feedback you have in our beta forum (see the bolded paragraph above for links)
New Shrines
  • These Shrines have been in the game for a while, they were just never officially introduced and are absent from all the single-player maps (until they were added to Mudbox in 0.5.0)
  • Gold Shrine
    • The player that owns the Gold Shrine can tag it in order to have their workers mine it for gold
    • Up to 4 workers can mine it at any one time
    • Mining gold from a Gold Shrine is significantly slower than mining it from a gold tile
    • The Gold Shrine contains infinite gold
  • Mana Shrine
    • Reduces the cooldown for mana regeneration after spending mana
    • Increases the speed at which mana regenerates
    • Artwork is placeholder
  • Research Shrine
    • Allows one research unit to work it for incredibly fast Sin generation
    • The unit working it has their needs suspended, allowing them to work the Shrine for as long as you can defend it
    • Artwork is placeholder
  • Manufacturing Shrine
    • Continuously creates defence parts for your workers to build defences with
    • Can store a maximum of 8 defence parts
    • Artwork is placeholder
  • Siege Shrine
    • Significantly increases the speed at which your workers damage enemy walls
    • No artwork yet
Survival Prototype Updates
  • Fixed most cases of the map not actually working
  • Replaced all Ballistas with pretty Bombards
  • Added various Shrines to the map
  • Changed the edge of the map to chasm (instead of lava)
  • Reduced the number of Ember Demons that spawn - still probably too many
  • Adjusted scoring for the sole purpose of allowing people to score over 9000 to win a lanyard at EGX (more zeroes = more fun!)
  • Our current high score is 14750~, let us know if you manage to beat it!
UI Improvements
  • Objective UI has been added to the following levels:
    • Lord O’Theland (Tutorial Prototype)
    • Stumpy’s Challenge (Survival Prototype)
    • Campaign 02 - Welcome to Kairos
    • Sandbox maps (My Little Dungeon, Mudbox, Hollow)
  • Main menu has been updated to categorise levels into their various modes
Other Features, Improvements & Changes
  • It is now possible to pick up units from Spirit Chamber podiums
  • Magical meat will now spawn excess pigs if there were insufficient units to eat them all
  • If a Foundry prop is full, defence parts from that prop will be spawned on the ground near the prop
  • Workers will attempt to return loose defence parts to Foundry props with available space
  • It is now possible for to pick up and drop defence parts from and onto trays
  • Defences should now be easier to click on
  • You may no longer select unconscious or dead units with spells
Visual Improvements
  • Gnarling model has been updated
  • Empire specific textures added for the following rooms/defences:
    • Garrison
    • Lair
    • Barracks
    • Rampart
    • Foundry
    • Archive
    • Slaughterpen
    • Vault
    • Portcullis
    • Stone Bridge
    • Wooden Door
  • Spirit Chamber podiums moved up slightly, covering the hole in the floor
  • VFX when dropping units on a pyre in the crypt now persists for longer
  • Bonechiller VFX updated, now shows effective radius and charge status of activated ability
  • Several unit abilities have had new animations and VFX added to them (still quite a few to go though!)
  • More unit beds added to the game
  • Fixed some mesh issues in the Arena
Bug Fixes
  • Fixed a number of issues related to content not being unloaded correctly between level loads
  • Fixed an issue that prevented Bafus from being able to hit their target with basic attacks
  • Spirit chamber props should no longer become raised when the room is enlarged
  • Fixed an issue that caused walls to change mesh if ownership of neighbouring tiles changed
  • Fixed a number of issues in combat with units being unable to hit other units
  • It is now no longer possible to drop additional units onto occupied podiums in the Spirit Chamber
  • Enemy units should no longer be ignored if they are attacking the Dungeon Core
  • Fixed an issue that caused tiles to look darker if the player sold a defence blueprint on the tile
  • Units in the arena should no longer hover in the air
  • Fixed an issue with the corrupted juggernaut texture
  • All Beastmasters have been issued antidepressants - they should no longer refuse to eat, sleep or move if there are no Beasts in their Dungeon
  • Fixed an issue with the room price indicator that prevented it from showing the correct figure for unaffordable rooms
  • Fixed an issue that caused the Shadow to damage itself when in the arena
  • Oculi can now correctly damage enemies
  • Oculi no longer float too high
  • Oculi are now correctly referred to as ‘Oculus’ and not ‘Occulus’
  • Fixed an issue that prevented Ballistae from firing
  • Fixed an issue that caused units to attempt to flee from fights in the arena, despite being locked in
  • Volcanic bridge can no longer be placed on chasm tiles
  • Fixed an issue that prevented Bombards from firing when a rampart is built upon it
  • Construction should now work appropriately on Bombards
  • Ramparts will no longer make defences immune to construction
  • Fixed an issue that caused Bombard to play their animations/vfx twice
  • Fixed an issue where Bombards would continue to fire at KO’d targets
  • Fixed an issue that caused the build selection for bridges to appear blue even if not adjacent to player territory.
  • Skargs that leap at one another will no longer break the laws of physics
  • Fixed an issue that prevented Rituals from being charged
  • Perception shrine radius will no longer be incorrectly culled at certain angles
  • Fixed an issue with the “Unlock Zoom” debug key (6)
  • VFX for the second “Improved Archive” work slot will now show correctly when worked
  • Fixed an issue where ghouls would be dropped onto the top of walls when a necromancer is dropped onto a podium
  • Replacement wall activation VFX will now cease if you cancel it’s activation
  • Reapplied “No more nails” to Dungeon Core, should now be safely secured to the floor
  • Shadows should once again use blink outside of combat
  • Unit shield for doors should now correctly appear above the doors
  • Fixed an issue where walls would not update when a room was sold
  • Fixed an issue that prevented lightning from correctly toggling a golden unit to become decorative
  • Camera should no longer “Freak out” if pause menu is opened and closed while in possession
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James Hale

WFTO Backer
Jan 12, 2013
Yeah, sounds about right. I read the announcements every Wednesday but was waiting for a substantive update until I started playing again. Not been active on the forums for a while, but hopefully I'll put an end to that once the game is released. :)


WFTO Backer
Jan 4, 2013
Played it again after a long time too.
It made nice improvements but I have two issues with the current version:
  • Most units and traps are hard to discern on the dark floors. The basic cannon is the worst of them. You made such nice models but its hard to appreciate them ingame.
  • The Techtree is crowded like hell. While the sins are nicely categorized by color its still hard to find your way around. I would personally prefer way less sins/tech. Especially as it is confusing with spells, traps and buildings spread all over the place.
Jun 6, 2014
A question about a couple of shrines:
Is the gold shrine the same or lower priority than digging gold seams (so would workers prioritize digging out gold seams next to a tagged shrine?)
Will workers transfer defense parts from a manufacturing shrine to your workshop if there i spare capacity?
Feb 10, 2014
I didn't know where to post this, so i'll post it in here where you posted your high score. I have beaten it on Stumpy's survival challenge, with a score of 16,475. And as proof, i'm including the screenshot of when i lost. Those ember demons are brutal on your defenses, i'll say that much.



Sep 26, 2013
Question about bridges and defences: Will we be able to build for example a bombard on a bridge at some point? At least the stone bridges look like you could build something on top. In Rhaskos domain i got pretty annoyed by his imps rushing into the conquered outpost and my own imps refusing to do any work in this area because of these interruptions. Would have been nice to be able to build a few bombards in front of the perception shrine to fend them off ;)!
Dec 14, 2012
  • The Techtree is crowded like hell. While the sins are nicely categorized by color its still hard to find your way around. I would personally prefer way less sins/tech. Especially as it is confusing with spells, traps and buildings spread all over the place.
Titles beneath icons might prove useful.
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