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Patch Notes: Bedrock Beta v0.6.0 "About Damn Time"


WFTO Founder
Feb 27, 2012
It was so that the first one who claimed it got it, however we changed this behaviour again internally, since I did this fix only because I was not aware about how the new terrain tilesets we plan to introduce work.
No impenetrable rock will be fortified in future.
Instead rooms adjacent to not fortifiable walls (eg. rock) will enforce the wall and put normal room clutter on them, when the room is sold/destroyed this effect disapears.
So it wont involve any fortify mechanic used for other terrain types, only the existence of a room adjacent will control the look of non-fortifiable walls.
For now we fully removed fortifying rocks and the currently odd look will be fixed with the new tilesets.
I'm assuming that the new terrain tilesets will look more naturally connected and less like a grid?
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