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Patch v1.4.2016 "Fools Gold" Preview Release Notes


Ember Demon
Apr 14, 2012
Personally, I think every single one of these has features that could be worked into the game :)
  • The AUE could be worked in as an alternate language [as it is in MineCraft]
  • The Cynical IMP could be an unlockable imp for someone who has earned every single achievement... and/or as the final boss of the next Downloadable Campaign. :D
  • The DemoCorn could be the Titan Unit for the Fifth Tree, [redacted], after Fury, Manipulation, Artifice and [redacted] are all finished to [redacted]'s standards.
  • The Back-End Menu... could appear on certain events? I don't think I could handle looking at a Chunder's backside every time.I boot up the game...
Oct 18, 2015
Personally, I think every single one of these has features that could be worked into the game :)
I totally agree. Especially with the Cynical Imp part, it really should be a skin. I mean, the model already exists, why not put it to use? =]
And about this year's post, there actually are some nice ideas I wouldn't mind seeing in the game, like gold shrine tax over time, Beastmaster refusing to eat raw pigs (creature personality trait right there!), "Jackpot Dinner", and, heck, maybe even Lighting unable to strike same tiles twice. Maybe with a bit of cooldown on each tile?.. =D
Likes: Amon


WFTO Backer
Jan 6, 2013
I really think The Cynical Imp and Democorn as well as some of this years April Fools ideas should be added to the game as unlockables and part of a new game mode that can only be played once the campaign is completed and can't be used in multiplayer. This new "crazy" game mode can do other things like introduce wacky effects and modify game physics (if WFTO has any) and give creatures big heads etc..

Either way, I would at least like to see the Cynical Imp and Democorn in the game.

By the way, the video for the Australian edition cracks me up every time I see it. Good job on that.
Likes: Amon
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