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Perception. Want to Share


Jan 5, 2015
This is my perception of the game so far and I fear it's hard not to compare it to the original, Dungeon Keeper 1 & 2. I know it's not complete but I'm compelled to share.

There aren't any creatures with character (maybe it's due to lack of sound). Horny was the main man, Bile Demon was superb (my fav), and everyone loved the mistress. The Chunder is radioactive spongebob. Creature wise it's disappointing. Haven't seen much of the creatures as the beta game seems to buggy for me to be able to get far without having problems.

The dungeon seems oddly quiet. In DK you could always hear the cackle of the Mistress and when you whack a chicken you see feathers and hear a cluck. It was funny (for its time).

It's dark and the creatures colours are bland.

The imps look like they've been hit with the ugly stick, all muscular and ferocious. DK imps looked cutish and though no lookers, you would still give them a goodnight kiss before tucking them in bed. These imps do not go well with humour, if it is meant to be humours like the original.

*Not all room description have the min-size. It should be beside the name. Is bit of guess work.

Overall it's nostalgic as it really does remind you of the original. Well done.
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Feb 17, 2013
In a nutshell, you're saying there's no atmosphere?

Simburgur seems to regard that as a final, 'finishing touch' kind of thing, so it'll happen in the weeks before release. Which is basically next month, I suppose.
Jan 6, 2015
As the intro says when you execute WFTO is that it is still in its early stage. Its very important that users express their concerns and issues. I am a huge fan of Dungeon Keeper and this game is very similar with an upgraded feel to it. WFTO has HUGE potential just from playing the beta. I'm excited to see this grow and can't wait to see the finalized product. Keep up the good work!!!
Jan 7, 2015
I felt the same way!
Right before I read this post, I wrote up a little something. But now i'll just post it here.
Sound is indeed one of the things that could be missing to give it the personality it needs.
But my question on humor still stands.

What i wondered though, will you guys add some humor in the game?
I have this feeling that the game is lacking something, personality? humor? unique style? Something X-factor at least!
I have no idea what to change to create more personality. And i don't see changing the style or aesthetics soon. (While i don't think i will play Dungeons II, the style does look great in the screenshots at least, for a DK style of game).

So! I was wondering about humor.
DK had some, and knew it didn't take itself too serious in a way.

And i don't mean humor-humor. Sure the "Celibrate! (Kool & The Gang) come on! *dancing lizards* in the Casino was funny.
But that get's old quick (especially if done wrong). DK did that excellent though.

No, I mean random messages going "Your minions demand cable.". Or the squeel of the wizard while you hold him there hopeless in your hand. The little things!
Whenever something happened, i thought "let's have some fun with these guys. Im gonna lure them into this trap. And put them in my lil prison".
I felt evil, in a fun way.

Right now, I don't feel so evil. Or feel the fun in seeing all my critters going on about eating/sleeping/training.
I'm just on autopilot.

Is it me?
Don't get me wrong. I still love the game. I love where this is going.
But it can be better! I know it can!

And I know certain bugs + AI problems need to get fixed first before you can put the cherry on top.
But I wondered if this was discussed or planned already.
Jan 7, 2015
These things will be added before release ;) they're just a bit of a lower priority.
Yeah i figured as much :)
Thats why i mentioned the cherry on top. Can't wait to see what you guys have in store for us!
Make it fun, it shows when the developers poured love and their fun times into their games. :D
Oct 16, 2013
About the atmosphere..

Is the lighting something that is going to be reworked aswell? It's one of the main things that's really bugging me, it just feels too bright and not dungeon-y enough, almost like there is an actual sun underground.

Any chance of changing some light "sources" over to stuff like wall sconces and various room props?


WFTO Founder
Dec 18, 2013

please see the newest patchnotes:
Patch Notes: Bedrock Beta v0.6.1 "inb4 2015"

Known Issues
Please don't report these!
  • We're currently overhauling much of the lighting in the game, as such expect many game elements to be too bright or too dark as this is still very much a work in progress
You don't have to worry about that.
...just wait a few more patches until the Dev's found the perfect shaders.
Oct 16, 2013
I'll just show myself the door lol. :oops:

Very excited to see this ofcourse, now we just need uneven walls, I know it was talked about at some point :p
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