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Photoshop Tennis (Forum Game)

Hey all,

So this is another neat forum game I picked up along the way.
In it, one person starts a image. Like this one:

Then, another person posts claiming the next edit, saves that image and photoshops something into it. Like this:

(see that tiny Batsignal shining over the mountains in the background? That was my contribution.)

Then another person claims it, saves that photo and adds another feature in Photoshop, perhaps less subtly than before:

And the thread goes on from there until the photo starts to get a little crowded, at which point someone uploads a new, fairly standard background image to start with.

Some pointers;
- Always pay attention to if the next edit has been claimed. General rule of thumb is, if after 12 hours the person who claimed hasn't put up their new version, it's free to be claimed anew.
- When selecting an image to start out a match of Photoshop tennis, it's best to pick multilayered scenery shots that have a lot of space where one can photoshop people or objects into it. If you pick a close up of Optimus Prime, we'll get a couple people sitting on his shoulder and maybe the USS Enterprise flying by overhead and that'll be it.
- Edits can be whatever you want (within forum rules of course) and there are many goals to pursue within the game. Do you want to be recognized as the one who always has the most well incorporated photoshop job, the objects or people that really seem as if they were part of the original photo? Or do you want to be the guy with the crazy edits, plonking Godzilla in the middle of Disneyland? Do you like to hide your edits so that they are barely detectable? Or do you want to somehow work a chinchilla into every single match you participate in? It's up to you!

So I'll start us off and hopefully we can get this game off the ground!

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