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Should Fairies be added to the game as convertible creatures?

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Nov 11, 2017
Please, please, please include fairies. [Imperial Creature] or [Neutral Creature]. Neutral would be acceptable as well, since in WFTO the Imperial forces are rather a nasty piece of work, whereas in Dungeon Keeper the upper-worlders were sweet, peaceful, civilisation, living in perfect harmony with nature, in idyllic worlds.

Still, fairies (or 'pixies' as we may need to call them) are insanely awesome. Protectors of their forest And PLEASE make sure that when imprisoned, they make that cute sighing-sound of depressed resignation, like the fairies in DK1 or 2. Then can we also have them leave a faint trail of sparkles / stars behind their wings as they go.

Now, fairies can fly, they should be all or mostly white, somewhat bejewelled, they have a totally different look to other creatures. Obviously they should be an arcane class.
- A heal spell should definitely be included in their 'build'. I was also thinking - a temporary invisibility spell in which they cannot be targeted (but this would break if they attack), so they could make excellent scouts.
- A peace spell would be great, so momentarily cease combat.
- Obviously an offensive spell in there too, such as freeze and/or lightning, or perhaps turning an enemy into a toadstool!
- As with DK she would be fast and with low armour.
- If it's not too hard to programme, perhaps a spell in which she can pass through single tile walls! (not Augrum walls though)
- A protective spell they can cast on an ally, reducing or eliminating damage for a short while.
- A spell that blows back enemies in a rainbow ring.
- A spell that shrinks an opponent(s) ECT|
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Jan 29, 2016
I am a bit skeptical about introducing fairies to the Empire because I don't think they fit the Empire at all.

Don't get me wrong, torturing fairies is fitting for a game where you are a evil entity in a dark comedy fashion, but the Empire, while it has the same function of of the goodly Heroes from DK, feels completely different for me.

DK Heroes where a huge colection of fantasy heroes clichés, the Empire feels more like a caricature of the Middle Ages and the Crusades. It still has dwarves, but compared to DK, WftO "heroes" feel more cynical and twisted. They are considered the good guys, but notice they also have Inquisitors, implying they also have severe witch hunts. And the Matriarch's existence shows that even them are willing to use dark magic for "the greater good". I think if they met a typical "friendship-glitter-fairy" they would laugh at her of how "wimpy" she is.

Not saying I will not accept though, it's the devs choice. Maybe the "Fair Folk" approach would be more interesting for them.
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