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Please add tweak to "Rally"

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When I have a bunch of minions around the rally flag I wind up slapping them around instead of slapping the rally flag. A nice tweak would be to enable the ability to right click the actual rally flag icon in the tool bar area to make it much easier to remove. This also gives me the ability to zoom to my dungeon core if under attack and more quickly/easily move the rally flag to it.

Thanks in advance!


Lord of Riva

The Lord
WFTO Founder
Dec 29, 2012
right click toggles your camera position to the rally flag so thats not an option. there is a small button right to the rally all and warband flags (a stroked through flag) with which you can cancel the rally falg. these buttons are pretty small though, you may see some improvements on them
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Excellent, sorry I didn't notice those! I'll try using that button, thanks a bunch and it's pretty cool getting to speak directly to members of the dev team!! I too am a code hacker, but not gaming, business web applications and in my opinion (Not every developer's unfortunately) QA is an essential member of the dev team. Thanks for your direct reply and congrats on this killer game!!!
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