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Please fix A.I.!


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Dec 8, 2012
Brighton, UK
I appreciate the above Slich and I think there's one thing I can say that you are among the people who care about WFTO the most, you've been with us for years, always pressed us to make WFTO the best it can be and we appreciate that, truly and honestly.

As I said above, I recognise that sometimes your communication with others can be seen as a little aggressive but I don't believe you often intend it to be. I think that more than anything we as a community should try to recognise this in our members and understand there's often a subtext that is missed in written communication, especially in diverse communities.

Long story short, as long as we recognise the faults amongst our members we can help to make each others points, and smooth relations with people who are not as regular parts of this community. Let's all try our best to make people feel welcome, and understand the limitations of each of us in that manner.

On topic

This is gigantic work that has to be done, work that can take a huge patch ( 1.5 ), because just tweaking some lines of code won't be sufficient.
Consider the fact that we will get 1.4 patch first, which mostly will consist of new DLC, new balance tweaks and some additional content ( maybe devs will drop in some new maps, or the ones from QA guys ). This will take one Quarter of the year at least.

If the development of 1.5 patch will start somewhere in Q2, then it probably will be released somewhere at Q3. That's like 6 months of time, during which this problem will still remain.
Heart of Gold is targeted for Q1 and Patch 1.5 should be sometime in Q2. Much of the groundwork has already been laid for AI Improvements, and while I'm not sure it'll ever reach the depth and complexity you might be looking for it's definitely going to be better than it is now.

WFTO is a deeply complex game, with some unique challenges that are not present in other RTS games, developing AI for these conditions is unusual to say the least so we'll see what @v0id can bring to the table.
Jan 3, 2013
Well, the major reason why I was for early Single Player development is what you say.

Back then, making the fundaments for AI would make work much easier since all you would have to do is update AI to use new stuff. Now Void might end up creating like brand new AI framework so it does match all recently added or tweaked content, which is extremely hard work for a team of coders, not just one. I only do hope he will get some assistance there within team, from community side, I and many experienced players will gladly provide him with some advice here and there.
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Sonny Bos

Mar 22, 2013
my main problem with the current ai is that they dig into my dungeon regardless if its ready for me or not.. i prefer longer games but as things stand now i cant really enjoy long games cause the idiotic ai makes it so easy for me to wipe the floor with it its rediculus.. i've tried diffrent personality's and diffrent difficulties but it just ends up doing the same stupid thing over and over again except for the "unbeatable" one but yeah ai needs to bide more time
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