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Polish/Polski Translation

Oct 17, 2017

I'm TrailBlazer and I would love to do the Polish translation!

I remember that in Poland, 1997-1998 DK1 was a big thing, with its full voice and text polish support.
With so many big games that support polish on the market now, I have noticed that when a product lacks a polish translation, it's just not so popular (or interesting in the first place) for most of my fellow countrymen gamers.

I want to change that for WFTO with quality text translation.

I got the CSV tables, I got some time in the nearest future, I am a DK (now also WFTO) fanboy, I can start right now!

Any tips, guidelines, or anything really before I get cracking?

Tim White

Writer, Designer
Apr 26, 2016
Hi TrailBlazer, and welcome to our community :)

Thanks for your interest in doing a Polish translation. As you've no doubt noticed, the game only partially supports Polish at the moment. Though I should mention that we are in the process of rectifying this, as announced in our recent blog post (see the "European Languages Return" section near the bottom).

I understand if that news means you do not want to carry on with your own translation - but that said, I think that a translation of a game like WFTO, with its many quirky uses of English, leaves a lot of room for interpretation and creativity in how it is localised. So each translation may have its own merits and quirks.

If this news hasn't dampened your spirit, then we would be happy to support you, so please let us know if you run into any problems. There certainly isn't a Polish fan translation at the moment that I'm aware of, so yours would be the first.

All the information on the process is currently in the Community Translation Guide thread. The latest game files (which it sounds like you have already) are in the Useful Files & Templates thread.

For a new translation, the best way to get started would be to use the latest version of the whole GameText file (v2), which is correct up to Patch 1.6.2. But you'll also need to use the latest versions of the strings that have been edited since that was published:
(We separate out edits, so that the community translators can keep their files up to date, while avoiding getting duplicate keys in their sheets - the game can handle duplicate keys, but it's not ideal, and too many may affect performance.)

Hope that's useful :)
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