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QA Response Post Victory resistance

Feb 2, 2016
So my idea is to allow the minions of a defead dungeon to stick around, even after their underlord is banished, the same goes for traps, doors, and rooms who should continue to function for the minions in the dungeon, pretty much like a hero stronghold.


-Eliminates the idea of rushing objectives. I was able to just backdoor and destroy a heart without any resistance for way too many times, and what fun is that? one should work hard and fight for each and every tile, kill and capture any survivor, lay siege on remaining resistance and slowly delute them and starve them, it will feel much more immersive and realistic. I realize that perhaps some maps would want a rush tactic as a lore of sort, or as a gamestyle, so ideally my idea should be implemented as a mutator, and at the end of a rush-themed level, a player could chose to stick around and fiddle with the survivors for as long as he please, and witness hes masterpieace dungeon built.

-As it is now, in a situation of a battle between 3 underlords, the first to defeat an underlord is guaranteed to win. he just automaticly gains an entire dungeon at hes disposal, and a huge area of control, the whole "claim heart=take dungeon" idea really should be scrapped in my opinion.

Any comments would be appriciated!


Frost Weaver
WFTO Founder
Jan 19, 2013
Huddersfield, UK
Enemy minions did actually hang around when their owner's dungeon core was destroyed very early on in development. But the reality of what happened was that it let the person who had already destroyed the core capture/imprison the minions and then convert them to their side, further expanding their army and making them an even larger force for anyone else to face. It was an advantage that was almost impossible for anyone else in the match to catch up from.

Put simply, letting minions hang around did the opposite of what your suggestion would want, it allowed the currently winning player to snowball further by getting control of the minions as well as just the dungeon/territory.
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