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problem with certain user maps

Aug 17, 2016
There is a map creator called profithoernchen in the Steam Workshop, who has provided several maps. His three most recent maps have an issue . I noticed on the most recent map that even the game clock is running very slowly. These maps are nearly unplayable due to incredibly slow play. Units move very slowly, underminers take at least twice as long to explode, other constructs take forever to build. Nothing changes when I increase the game speed. I would appreciate any advice I can pass back to the map maker. He mentioned reducing the units on one map, but his earlier maps were similarly heavy on units, but they played normally. I've look at a couple of these most recent maps in the editor, but I haven't seen a setting that might be adjusted.

Jan 3, 2013
Highly likely there is issue with pathing or units can't satisfy their needs. This is especially noticeable with large amount of Empire Units who can't make lair, reach the tavern or get gold as payment.
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