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Problems Since Recent Patches


Designer / Community Manager
Brightrock Games
Dec 8, 2012
Brighton, UK
So I can say that I have read the thread on Steam now. I'm sorry that it took so long for me to get to it.

I didn't want you to think you'd been ignored, our team is just incredibly busy these days working on the new project and I don't get as much time as I would like to spend responding to lengthy feedback.

I hear you on some of the points are there are things that I would like to make better, unit needs in particular are not well telegraphed and this can make management very difficult in this area. It's a tough balance to strike in many regards and there are areas of the game that could be vastly improved if we were able to go back and redesign them.

Sadly there's just not much scope left for changes to WFTO. We've been in maintenance mode on the game since midway through 2018 after the first batch of patches following 2.0. Many of the systems you're having problems with are very deeply ingrained into the game and touching them would prove troublesome to say the least. With the resources we have available now it's unlikely we'll be touching any of these.

In fact that kind of rolls into a key point. I'm not sure that what you're seeing is anything new, I don't believe most of these systems (namely unit needs) have been touched in quite some time.

Auto-attacking in possession is not an issue I'm aware of and it sounds like it could be similar to when players have issues with a unit turning in possession. Is there a controller or other input device plugged into your system? Perhaps it's sending a faulty signal that makes the game believe you're trying to make an attack.

Worker behaviour is interesting as there's always conflicting reports on it. A few patches ago (1.6 somethning) there was an issue that vastly limited how the worker AI would behave on large levels. This could cause odd results but we caught that and fixed it and verified it with the community. I can confirm that this has not reverted. Unfortunately how work tasks are generated is an odd area, people have different perspectives on what workers should value and this again is something I'd rather consider redesigning in its entirety.

AI Interactivity I agree would be nice. Being able to coordinate and direct your ally would be very valuable but again is quite out of scope. The whole AI was reworked for 2.0 and there wasn't really time for these extra bells and whistles to go in. Definitely something I'd want to consider in future titles though.

Which really is the crux of it. As I mentioned our team is pretty much entirely on our new project now and all the resources have moved away from WFTO, systems changes are not going to happen because they're simply too volatile to make it into a maintenance patch where if we break something the turnaround on a fix could be many months away.

However I want to emphasise that your feedback is still valuable. If and when we consider working on a sequel to WFTO we'll want to fix up many of the areas we ourselves are not happy with and we'll be eager to take on board what the community has to say about various areas of the game. With the scale of WFTO's ambition and the size and experience of the team that delivered it it's not really surprising we missed a few marks.

But I'm confident together we can make ever better games! :)
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