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Help! Publish Maps from GOG version

Sep 18, 2018
Dear fellow editor junkies :)

I own the gog version of the game. Can I still publish my map on steam workshop if I use a steam account?
Out of your experience, what is the best plattform for publishing WFTO maps? In this forum it seems not to get too much of attention (leaving the general quality of the creators missions out of the talk).

Thank you for your ideas and sharing your knowledge! :)


Designer / Community Manager
Brightrock Games
Dec 8, 2012
Brighton, UK
Hello SeriousToni,

Unfortunately, the GOG versions are completely unlinked from SteamWorks and as such it will not be possible to publish to the Steam Workshop from the GOG version. You can upload to our resources repository here, but this is not the primary space in which people download and play maps, it's simply the best option we could offer to users who are not on Steam.

Theoretically, if you had a copy of the Steam Version you could drop the editor files into the directory for that version and upload them to Steam that way. But ultimately the best version to make maps in is the Steam version as it is the only version you can upload maps to the Steam Workshop. (You can still upload them here for non-steam users.


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Sep 18, 2018
Dear Lee,
Thank you for your kind reply and taking the time for this detailed answer. I am sure other user who also have this question will get their information in this very thread.
I will be glad to publish my maps in your Ressource repository as soon as I am happy with my creation.
Again thank you for making the map editor possible in such an easy-to-learn way. I really appreciate it!
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