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Razer Blade FPS Tank

Oct 6, 2014
Sorry for the repost but this thread never got noticed/answered in the bug thread, since it's not necessarily a bug.

Hey guys, wasn't sure if I should submit this here or somewhere else, but here it goes.

I'm using a Razer Blade, the first one that came out. I'll provide the specs below. So when playing on the smaller maps the FPS seems to be fine, but once I opened the 4 player FFA and zoomed out a bunch, after some time (presumably after I discovered and dag out some more of the map) the FPS tanked to something like below 20. During large scale battles or spells that discovered the whole dungeon even below 15 or 10. I was wondering if that's due to optimization issues and you are still working on that, or if it's something I should be worried about. Because I was hoping it would get better closer to the release but I re-downloaded the game again today and it's still happening.

Thanks in advance for the response!

Processor2.8 GHz Core i7-4702HQ
Memory Speed 1333 MHz
Hard Drive 256 GB SATA
Graphics CoprocessorNVIDIA GT555M
Graphics Card Ram Sizev2000 MB
Wireless Type 802.11bgn
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