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Reinventions! Misuse your Dungeon (and you Evilness).


WFTO Founder
Dec 18, 2013
Patch Note 0.5.0:
New Defence: Portcullis
Finally after a few month I found what to do with this Defence.

For me it was no Door.
And who places Doors in the middle of a room?
Sounds weird...;)
But now I found something funny to do with them.
Get Out, foolish Imp!.jpg

(Quest is photoshoped)
The enemys can come and run through my 100x100 room of endless Portcullis.
Some open. Some of them closed!:D
Only the real Underlord knows the way out of this labyrinth!

Until then my, my poor imps have to run through it
- over and over!:rolleyes:


WFTO Founder
Feb 17, 2013
This is pretty much how I always envisioned it being used. The mass placement in larger corridors, anyway, not as much the labyrinth approach.


WFTO Backer
Dec 30, 2012
It is ... beautiful. Are your own units getting lost? does pathfinding allow you to maipulate your enemies into endlessly walking in your dungeon?
The Idea behind it is simple, but extremely elegant. The heroes, who visit it will grow fearful and paranoid, suspecting, that the maze is changing, when they aren't looking, only to be proven right, when they try to mark the corridor with the dwarfs remains. They might give into despair and eventually, they'll be glad to leave your dungeon, rather than conquer it.
Provided you are mercyful. Otherwise, you will just keep playing with their hopes, dreams and pathfinding algorithm, until they fall over.
Only then will you allow your workers to grab their bodies and allow them to become your servants, one way, or the other.
But apart from the enormous task of creating the maze, it will only work if, instead of attacking the portcullises, the AI will try to walk the shortest path, provided there is a path.
If that applies, you can use it passively to delay your enemy, or actively, switching the doors, creating new ways through the maze, before closing the old ones, in order to delay your enemies indefinitely.
Before you cry exploit, please consider that actually pulling off the killer maze requires skill planning the route, opening, closing doors in time and most importantly, to come up with a viable maze in the first place.
It probably won't work against other players, since Players automatically get suspicious, when they see contraptions, that could be lethal jokes.
Plus, it binds your most important and limited resource: Your attention. Having to constantly manage all these doors leaves no room for managing your dungeon, or defending it against a feint attack followed by a flanking maneuver.
So it's most likely mode of operation is to delay the enemy, so they have to walk an unneccessarily long path.
Provided the creature AI will only attack doors, if there is no other option to get there.
Likes: James
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