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Compilation Reyh!'s maps


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Dec 9, 2012

"Heroes are guarding this crossroad, but they are unaware of the two Underlords close to their presence. But this should be no problem for the goodly heroes, as they've put up a strong defence.."

With this map you can rush or turtle, it is all up to you. It works both ways, but make sure to use traps if you want to turtle. ;)



"The heroes residing here guards this area keeping unwanted visitors away and have put up their defences correspondingly.

There are also creatures residing in this area, some of them are friendly, and others are not so friendly. Some of these creatures have been captured by the heroes, and they are being imprisoned. And as a warning sign to anyone else trying to mess with the heroes, they keep their prisoners visible to tell others what could happend to them.

There are however alot of treasures around here, and the heroes seem to be totally oblivious of those. And by the rumours, they should have taken care of this, because some of these treasures might be very helpful in order to breach the heroes' defences."

With this map you will be able to choose to attack the fortress from three entries, and it is all up to you. You don't need to go all, and you don't need to go one specific way.


Beastalicious! (Reworked)

"To be the master of beasts you will have to race towards the middle to get much needed help as the only portals are in the center. But you will have some time though, as the center is well guarded, you will have to use this time to build a dungeon, and gather minions. I hear it is some wimpy creatures just outside of the centre area.."

Reworked the map as I felt it was abit..dull.. :p Let me know what you think. :)


Mountain Den

"Ah, Underlord, this has been a nice place to rest, but you have been discovered! Vanquish this peace disturbing filth! Also, see if you can find any treasures, and perhaps find some allies in your cause to restore peace to the Mountain Den. This land is rumoured to have many treasures.

..but be aware of the dangerous beasts lurking in the shadows.."

This is just ment to be a fun map where you can do whatever you want, you don't need to rush, you don't need to turtle and you can even just relax versus the AI. Although, there are alot of artefacts and neutral creatures on this map, so make sure you atleast get your hand on these if you choose to turtle.. ;)


The Beast Lords

Details for this map is in this thread.

Beast Lord, Byrek the Brutal

Details for this map is in this thread.

Beast Lord, Fran the Golden

Details for this map is in this thread.


If you have any feedback, let me know, as it is really want these maps to be as awesome as they can get. :D
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Jul 14, 2017
hey, I just subscribed to your maps. I'm gonna give one a try, they look pretty good. I made a map too, give it a try sometime, it has its own thread on here
Jul 14, 2017
I liked all your maps, beastalicious was a novel idea, I think it would have been cool with an emphasis on using necromancers to make use of all the beast bodies laying around. I ended up using construction ritual and getting a foothold in the enemy side that way, i also did that on mountain den, which was my favorite of yours so far. Good job on the maps and thanks for giving me some more playtime out of this game.
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