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[Room] Demonology Lab

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Lord Proteus

WFTO Backer
Mar 8, 2013
Greetings fellow Underlords, below is my idea for a new room, the Demonology Lab, the primary functions of which include conducting certain rituals, researching sins, summoning Demonic Minions and perhaps other things, depending on what features of WFtOW are unveiled later.

Highlight: The Demonology Lab is used to conduct rituals to summon Demons to your dungeon, and possibly to power certain spells.

Vein: Wrath

Associated Units: Cultists, Succubus, Spellcasters, Demons.

Appearance: The Demonology Lab has clean, bright gray stone floors and walls, with parchments set up along the walls depicting Demons and Demonic Research, as well as red, demonic runs skittering along the walls.

Functions:The Demonology Lab is manned by Cultists, Succubi and other Spellcasters to Summon Demonic creatures to your dungeon and to conduct certain Demonic Rituals for various benefits, it could also be possibly used for researching Sins alongside the Archives and other rooms, and to power spells, depending on how such featured may or may not work in the future.


Pentagram: A Pentagram of red substance is painted upon the floor, with candles at each of the icon's points. Units interacting with it either sit/stand in the middle and meditate/chant or stand/kneel outside the circle and examine it in contemplation, or read from parchment or books as part of some study.

Research Station: Alcoves appear along the wall, housing a small table and chair with tomes, scrolls and scraps of parchment upon it, along with a candle for illumination, and some shelves for books, scrolls and relics. Units interacting with these stations sit down and rummage through their research and write things down on parchment.

Summoning Circle: A Summoning Circle appears in a 5x5 Demonology Lab at it's center, and is required to summon Demonic Units to your dungeon and conduct certain rituals. It resembles a massive pentagram with stone pillars at each point. Ritualists stand at/around each pillar chanting, while the lead ritualists stand at points within the circle leading the ritual or summoning the Demon.


So what do you think of this idea? Below are some path's of discussion we could pursue in regards to this idea. If you have an idea, feel free to share it.

Function - Input on the stated functions of this room, new functions, balancing room functions.

Creatures - What type of creature could this room attract through the portal by being constructed, if any?

Interaction - What Minions can interact with the room, and how.

Rituals - What kind of rituals could be conducted here, and how. Perhaps there could be complications or disasters, such as a rare occurrence of a cultist setting on fire and dying when the demon arrives, or being possessed by the demon and transformed into it...

Spells - If spells could be powered by the room, what could the spells be, and how would they be changed? For example, a Demonic Lightning Bolt spell, or a spell that relies entirely on first being powered up by this room before you can cast it.

Demons - What kind of Demons could be summoned, how they are summoned, and what could happen when they do or do not arrive.

COOPERATION - It might be of benefit to more than one person if we link to each others creations, for example, I could later add links to Demonic Units, Spells, Rituals, etc... to this main post, or people could link to this Room when creating a "Demonic" themed creature, spell, etc...
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Sep 20, 2013
Parts Unknown
mmm interesting idea... It would be nice if this was a neutral chamber the underlord can't built (like the portal) Underlords would fight over this/these room(s) to attract demons. Demons will be summoned by cultist or vampires since demons can't summon them self. It will take some time to summon a demon so the underlord has to make the decision if he would summon a demon, because that means his creatures will be absent during the ritual. I also think the Demonology Lab would replace the function of the temple in DK2. So you can sacrifice creatures to get demons.Please continue suggestion things Lord proteus, you have quite interesting ideas
Jan 7, 2012
It was stated that there will be rituals and a room gconnected to them- I really like your approach of an occultistic room layout and the possible misfires.
It would be awesome if rituals would need some time and could be disturbed with nasty side effects.
that would lead to interesting sizuations, were you would be very careful for not letting enemy units enter your ritual chamber, or picking cultists out of this room. Maybe even your own imps could count as minor disturbance.

You could even try to posses a sneaky unit to stalk your enemys dungeon in a risky mission to disturb possible rituals,
or on the other side be afraid of enemy trespassing. So you would have to hide this room or defend it with guardposts or traps to spaot invisible intruders.

There could be misfire effects if the ritual was disturbed in a minor way like cultists loosing a level, reverted ritual effects, , shortened durations, explosions or wrong summoning outcomes like the wrong or even hostile demons.

A failed ritual which was caused by picking up cultists in the room or enemy attacks may lead to dangerous effects like spontanous combustions of cultists, hostile summoned creatures, or ridiculous punishments of the gods of hell similar to the negative temple sacrifieces from dungeon keeper.


WFTO Backer
Jan 14, 2013
I want to support this, its an awesome idea in my opinion. Its fitting for a dungeon as well.

Lord Proteus

WFTO Backer
Mar 8, 2013
They just unveiled The Sanctuary and it bares some similarities to this rooms designs. I'd find that really cool if it's inspired by the Occult design of my room. :D
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Nov 3, 2013
I really like the idea. It makes for a suitably twisted variant of the DK2 portal.

The Sanctuary does seem to be there for powerful spells, but it doesn't quite encapsulate this suggestion, which I would think is a very interesting way to potentially improve it. Certainly has my backing.
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