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[Room] Dirt Pit

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Rhys-Arnold is actually the one that came up with this idea, but I liked it so much I immediately made this post.

Room: Dirt Pit
Size: 3x3
Cost: 200 gold per square
Purpose: Room is for holding all the dirt that the imps dig out to make your tunnels. Digging can still occur without this room, but with this room the dirt is placed aside so that you can rebuild walls later (with a 100 gold price).

A 3x3 room holds 5 walls worth of dirt, and adding an additional square onto the pit increases the holding power of this room by 5 if the center is increased in size.

Design: A room that is a... well a pit. The tiles around the perimeter are mounted with ladders for imps to get in and out.


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Dec 30, 2012
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To be honest, I feel that the idea is a bit over-kill. Why would you need to add an additional room if you could just make a spell that allows you to do the same thing for a reasonable price and with a fitting cooldown? The only advantage of a dedicated room for rebuilding walls I can see in this suggestion would be the ability to store large quantities of dirt and then quickly rebuilds likewise large areas of broken down dirt/stone walls with it in emergency situation, albeit this would come at a hefty price.

It may or may not be a nice idea for an utility room, but I feel that its use would be so marginal that a spell with a similar function could do the same while costing less development resources.
I agree that a spell or factory/foundry function would be a better use of resources. That being said, I've seen the topic of rebuilding walls come up every couple of days since I joined the forum and there hasn't been any real response from the dev team. With that being the case I figured that spells and the like were not good enough and that maybe this room would satisfy their desires.

Really, just the ability to rebuild walls functioning as a room placement option would be amazing. Place it down, and imps run forth to do the task. I'd just have the would-be wall outline blue (shadowlike as it were to show a blueprint of where it will be) so that we can plan around it.
Dec 25, 2012
A room just to store dirt seems like a really boring use of a room. If walls are going to be rebuildable, it'd be better do it without the room, for simplicity's sake. Adding another resource to keep track of seems like a lot of complexity for not a lot more fun.
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