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Viewed by Developer room key, wallpaper suppression & longer campaign(s)

Nov 16, 2018

I'd like to make 3 suggestions which may are improvements for War for the Overworld:

1. A map key for rooms - should be easy to realize:
Once the mouse pointer ("hand of evil") hovers over or clicks on an room icon in thr room construction menu, all tiles of the same type of room are highlighted in the minimap.
This ain't not my idea but was a feature of Dungeon Keeper (1) what I am missing in WftO because it's very useful.

2. A on/off switch that suppress the workers to reinforce the walls.
"digging and carpeting only and no wallpapers"

3. The campaigns are a little bit short.
I bought the game at steam on a special offer including pet dungeon, heart of gold and the undergames. Someone who buys it at the full price might get a bit disapointed.
The point is - let's face it - it's foremost a single player game and you shall not rely on DLC of the community.
The multiplayer lobby offers only a few games between friends - if even - and I've tried one or the other customer's map or campaign.... well - *sigh*
Some (few very few) are really good, but the flow of a customer's campaign isn't comparable with the original ones.
Since I've tried to do some of that stuff my way I realize you have completely better options to do campaigns as the customer with the map editor.
However the very first standard campaign could be a little bit longer (as I remember original DK had something bewtween 20 to 30 maps in its campain, so app. twice as WftO).
The Heart of Gold Campaign consists of 4 maps only. Okay, each map is relatively long to play, but 4 maps can hardly be called a campaign, that's more like "Blitzkrieg".
The Undergames are a bit special - 4 times the same campaign with one of 4 special underlords.
Since Heart of gold is the campaign for Kassita you may could use this as the idea to do three addiotional campaings referring to the other three underlords of the undergames.

I am looking forward for more content.
And If you want more from me (ideas, testing,.....???) you have my e-mail address.

best regards sincerely

Sep 18, 2018
Hello Profighost,

the game developement is in maintenance mode and as far as I read on the internet, the devs are only doing bugfixing.

My suggestions on your features might help you though:

1. You can right click on an icon to get to the next room of that type, which may helps you finding the rooms you need to.

2. The workers should only reinforce walls if everything else is done. Also you can use the two worker icons to the left to setup areas in which the aren't allowed to work or ones they should prefer.

3. There is a really nice and easy to learn map editor in the game now, which lets you create your very own single- and multiplayer maps and even campaigns. I think with this great tool and all the already published custom maps you will find enough content to keep you happy until the next game comes out. :)

Good luck and thank you for your suggestions!
Aug 18, 2015
I like the first idea.

About short campaign. Keep in mind its a small indie team, andbits their first title.
Beside of that, the DLCs aren't really expensive, and even the prizing was depates with the community and I didnt heard more then 3 people complaining about the price. But Ibheard many complaining that the campaign is too short, and I agree on that. Though for me it feels fairly priced for the content.

Dungeon Keeper is much older, so the community had more time creating campaigns. If you wait a few years, you might find some awesome maps and campaign in the workshop as well.

About Multiplayer, yes it has a very small community, though if you are s bit more active and arange matches on discord, you get a match going
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