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[Room] Labyrinth

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Dec 15, 2012

After reading this thread about the Minotaur, I am thinking that if implemented, it should gives access to a new trap or spell that leads heroes/adventurers to a labyrinth. The size and complexity of the labyrinth should depends on the strength of the Minotaur.

It should also be possible to send your minions into the maze when they displeased you or to help the Minotaur to make suffer the poor creature trapped in.

When the Minotaur is not fighting it could play with the labyrinth to make suffer any creature (heroes or your minions) trapped into its maze. The suffering of the creatures could allow him to heal faster, for example.

The player should also be able to make the labyrinth grow, by spending dark energy (mana?) and gold, to provide more resources to the mythical beast, to please it and keep it entertained.

The labyrinth should be a special place that is not a part of the dungeon but is an extra dimension or a room below the dungeon.

The fate of the creatures in the labyrinth could be:

- Death, they simply die.
- Became undead. The way they die and the dark energies of the underlord and its minions transforms the creature into a mindless zombie, a leech, a ghost, a vampire, etc...
- Driven insane. This is mainly for heroes. They felt to the dark powers of the underlord and became the antithesis of what they were before. A magician became a sorcerer, a paladin becames a dark champions, etc...

What do you think about this?

Do you think that this could lead to some kind of mini game?

Do you think the creatures trapped into the labyrinth should have a chance to escape it?
Jan 7, 2012
Sorry but this room just steals the jobs of other rooms like the torture chamber and the undead related room.
The same goes for the minotaur who would just take other creatures jobs. Just give the minotaur an affinity for dead ends in the dungeon as an requirement for attraction and give him some other interesting jobs and behaviours which make him a good addition for a complex labyrinth like dungeon. Some players liked it to build labyrinths in dk, filled with traps as defenses. (sadly the stubborn hero ki had x ray vision which took a lot of fun away)
The minotaur could gain bonuses based on his enviroment, or the abbility to set traps, ambushes etc. I just dont see the point in an extra room.
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Jun 23, 2013
Cool Idea. But, I don't see it working with the rest of the game. Sounds like it would take a lot of computing power with very little pay-off; especially considering the labyrinth wouldn't actually be part of the dungeon. Sorry, but cool concept.
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