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Room of Pure Evil: my grandiose WFTO suggestion

What is/are the most heinous act(s) of PURE EVIL?

  • Murder / Killing / Slaughter

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  • Kidnapping / Ransom / Imprisonment

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  • Cannibalism / Cooking & Eating the Enemy

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  • Theft/Burglary/Robbing/Mugging/Extraction

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WFTO Backer
Feb 22, 2013

I was super-excited that the developers of WFTO invited their fan-base to contribute ideas to the creation of the game. Kudos to them! (Or " +1 ".....) after reading the helpful posting about rounding-out a truly unique idea, I spent quite a bit of time crafting this -- my big, grandiose suggestion for WFTO. I hope you'll take the time to read it all the way through, and if you (anyone) have some questions or critiques or suggestions, I welcome them. I apologize in advance -- I am no artist, and my ability to sketch is quite limited. (I will, however, attempt to illustrate with words as much as I can...)


Highlight: The concept of this room is to be something of a devil's playground...an interactive room, requiring some micro-management, where a player (Overlord) can gleefully execute the most sinister of acts for the purposes of enjoyment and some rare/valuable rewards.
Inspiration: I'll be honest -- I work in a prison (for real). I am well-acquainted with the disgusting acts of evil that humankind commits, as well as being acquainted with what society loathes. There are certain things (like criminal-sex) that can't be included in video games, nor would I want to play something like that. Still, in DK1/DK2, aside from mindless killing (funny how we're de-sensitized to that) as a player you couldn't do much to the enemy besides imprisoning them or starving them; with maybe a "little" torture thrown in. Racking my brain, I tried to come up with a series of evil/despicable acts that a player/Overlord could carry-out personally, in their dungeon, requiring some micro-management, and providing some great(er) rewards, along with enjoyable game-play. Please see this under my "Evil Acts" section below...
Cost: Probably rather high, coming later in the game once other rooms have been established. Most of all, this room will require a lot of prisoners or enemy bodies to utilize.
Build: This room should be available to begin building mid-game, with add-ons becoming available later on; perhaps as derived from certain "tech" being unlocked in the Veins of Evil.
Vein: I see this room as being somewhat modular, and adding to (or extracting from) each vein of evil. If I had to pick, I could see the ROOM OF PURE EVIL contributing most to either Wrath or Sloth, but as I describe further, I think it could be tied-in to each of the 3 veins of evil; perhaps adding a new "Evil Act" to each vein as the room is given further development.
Associated Units: Mostly imps, but also a lot of player/Overlord involvement, and then any minions that are experts in torture. In addition, minions that need "food" (see "Evil Acts" below).​
Appearance: Other than "dark and sinister", I think a sickly pink haze / smoke would be appropriate. I'd like to see sections of wall covered with instruments of torture, spatters of blood, and scary/unholy symbols. Some gothic artwork (literally, pictures in frames on the wall) depicting suffering people or hardship would be great. Workbenches with various implements would be appropriate. On the flip side, perhaps the room could be clean and fancy and white, which would contrast the evil that takes place there. I'm thinking of Hannibal Lecter's basement -- blood stands out the most on white...
*** The most important appearance aspect would be a generic table/altar of PURE EVIL. I imagine this as taking up 2-by-2 squares, so it will be rather large, and able to accommodate multiple bodies/corpses/prisoners, as well as leaving some room for mobility. I would program the ALTAR OF PURE EVIL to be round, with quarter-seams, and a large series grates covering the surface. Depending on the ritual / evil act performed, the ALTAR OF PURE EVIL could issue various animations, like flame-spurts, poisonous gas, spear-traps springing forth (upward), and even the table "separating" into sections in the act of tearing someone limb-from-limb. (More on this below...)
WFTO Sketch (1).JPG
Prop Name: ALTAR OF PURE EVIL -- I guess for the sake of simplicity this would be the only "prop" that would be interactive in the game. I've already described it in the "Appearance" section above, and you can see a rudimentary picture of it in my drawing. Basically, a raised, round "table" made of brick or stone, with a smooth/metal top. The top would be filled with vents/grates from which various items/effects could spring forth. Making the table rather large (2-by-2 sections), would allow for more variety or animation or character interaction. I will describe the various effects of the Altar of Pure Evil under Functions (below). Though I would like to see this room be highly interactive, for purposes of game-play simplicity I think it best to limit the room to this one prop, provided it can be easily utilized in a number of different ways.​
Functions -- "EVIL ACTS"
Here, I will describe a number of different "Evil Acts" that would be do-able/playable in the video-game realm. I'll describe what "ingredients" each "Act" would require, and who/whom it would affect, and how, along with the "animation" to accompany each.
Each "Evil Act", upon successful completion, should ALSO benefit the Overlord with some kind of a temporary boost/buff. Perhaps increasing the player's/Overlord's health or mana, or "Evil Influence Points," or effectiveness in spell-casting. Or, perhaps the Evil Act completion could augment how well the Overlord's minions respond to the player's commands, etc. Perhaps the game could create/track some "Evil Influence Points" or something similar which would have an overall (negative) affect on any/all enemies that enter the dungeon, or that negatively affect the unseen people in the Overworld above.
Function Name: Evil Act 1 -- Murder/Ritual Killing/Slaughter
Components: 1 enemy (alive), and multiple minions to be the "audience"​
Ritual: the 1 enemy would be placed on the Altar of Pure Evil, and ritually killed -- slowly, helplessly,​
with a great amount of pain/screaming, etc.​
Animations: the 1 enemy secured to the Altar of Pure Evil, surrounded by multiple minions, with 1​
specific minion (an imp?) selected to slowly kill the enemy with a dagger or some such​
implement. After the enemy expires, the "audience" of gathered minions should shout/cheer​
in reverie.​
Benefits: all gathered minions in the "audience" would receive some kind of a temporary morale​
Function Name: Evil Act 2 -- Torture/Dismemberment/Disfigurement/Mutilation
Components: 1 enemy (alive), and at least 1 minion to deliver the "torture"​
Ritual: the 1 enemy would be placed on the Altar of Pure Evil, and the minion (an "expert" in​
Animations: a simple animation would be to have the Altar of Pure Evil slowly "separate" into​
quarters, thereby drawing-and-quartering the victim until at least one of their limbs pops off.​
The sky's the limit here.​
Benefits: every minion that the released torture victim passes should boost the morale of minions;​
and at the same time, every enemy that the released torture victim passes should lower the​
morale of the enemy/enemies.​
Function Name: Evil Act 3 -- Kidnapping/Ransom/Imprisonment
Ritual: the 1 enemy would be placed on the Altar of Pure Evil, and secured, to await their
(hopefull) rescuer​
Animations: nothing special here -- just a shackled prisoner really​
Function Name: Evil Act 4 -- Cannibalism -- Cooking and Eating the Enemy
Components: 1 enemy (alive or dead -- preferably alive to make it more Evil!), and multiple​
minions to join in the feast​
Ritual: (This is probably my favorite one!) The 1 enemy would be secured to the Altar of Pure​
Evil, and shortly thereafter flames would issue forth from the vents in the Altar, cooking​
them to a crisp.​
Animations: gouts of flames from the Altar of Pure Evil, eventually turning the body of the enemy​
into roasts/spare-ribs/drum-sticks/sausages, etc. The ability for minions to consume the​
"food" would have to be created too.​
Benefits: any minion who partakes in the eating of the enemy would gain a temporary health​
boost, and maybe a morale boost too.​
Function Name: Evil Act 5 -- Theft/Burglary/Robbing/Mugging/Extraction
Components: 1 enemy (alive or dead), and an "Extractor" (minion)​
Ritual: After securing the 1 enemy to the Altar of Pure Evil, the designated minion would proceed​
to rob them of all they hold dear, along with administering a good "slap" or two. Taking​
more than gold/valuables might be possible here -- taking clothing, or titles, or even one's​
"soul" might be more meaningful...​
Animations: Have the designated minion moving back-and-forth / around the victim, taking items​
of value from them, while the victim screams/cries/moans and physically deteriorates due​
to the stress.​
Benefits: cash/valuables and just plain good Evil fun.​
Function Name: Evil Act 6 -- Poisoning/Drugging/Starvation
Components: 1 enemy (or multiple enemies) alive​
Ritual: Once victims are in the room -- secured or not -- then SURPRISE! -- a sickly green smoke​
issues forth from the Altar of Pure Evil and poisons/drugs them, and/or "starves" them,​
draining them of their essence (slow or quickly -- both would be fun)​
Animations: A sickly, green smoke/mist wafting forth from the vents of the Altar of Pure Evil,​
causing those who come in contact with it to stumble, fall, or move about erratically.​
Benefits: Those (enemies) affected by the ritual could then stagger around the dungeon, out of​
their minds, causing confusion and chaos, and perhaps reducing the morale of "healthy"​
enemies/adventurers they encounter. Perhaps they could also become "diseased" and​
pass this disease on to others.​
Function Name: Evil Act 7 -- Swaying Alliance / "Turning to the Dark Side" / Conversion
Components: 1 enemy (alive) and 1 minion to perform the ritual​
Ritual: Through torture, prayer, poison/drug, or other means, the player's minion would "force"​
the victim (original an enemy) to change alliances and join the player/Overlord's side,​
fighting for the player/Overlord until they die/expire. The ULTIMATE sort of REVENGE!​
Animations: I'm envisioning some purple/pink, mystical fire rising from the vents of the Altar of​
Pure Evil, enveloping the victim in a painful, transcendental flame. Or, perhaps a swirling​
black mist that would cover their body and then reveal the "newly converted" minion.​
Benefits: Takes one of the enemies (prisoners) and turns them into an ally/minion. They don't​
necessarily have to be "controllable," -- they could be completely at the player's/Overlord's​
bidding, or they could wander erratically, surprising any other heroes/adventurers by​
attacking them crazily.​
Function Name: Evil Act 8 -- Mutation
Components: 1 enemy (alive) and 1 minion to perform the ritual​
Ritual: The minion would administer drugs or creepy-crawlies to the victim, along with perhaps​
some new/unusal armor or accoutrements. The BEST would be if they actually removed​
some parts/limbs of the victim and replaced them with out-of-place parts/limbs that come​
from other "monsters" which are normally controlled/created by the player/Overlord.​
Animations: (same as "Ritual" above)​
Benefits: This act of Mutation would physically change the victim (originally an​
enemy/hero/adventurer) to become something unique and twisted, which would then​
serve the player/Overlord, and/or cause a morale penalty to all who encounter it.​
Function Name: Evil Act 9 -- Trickery / Temptation and Trap-Springing
Components: 1 or more enemies (alive)​
Ritual: A fat, juicy pile of treasure would be placed (by an imp?) on the Altar of Pure Evil, to​
entice enemies/heroes/adventurers to come and get it...​
Animations: When the unwitting heroes/enemies/adventurers come into the Room of Pure Evil​
and attempt to retrieve the most-desired treasure, a "trap" would spring forth from​
the Altar/Table, and skewer them. (I'm picturing barbed, iron spikes shooting​
upward like pungi-stakes.)​
Benefits: I like the idea of certain dungeon rooms being specifically sought-after by the​
heroes/enemies/adventurers. Placing a juicy bit of "bait" and just waiting for the sods​
to spring the trap on themselves is great fun -- and if they're carrying their own loot, it​
just becomes more treasure for the player; or, at least, it provides one more​
If you've come this far, I thank you for taking the time to peruse my idea. I welcome feedback. I'm sure that some similar ideas have already been listed, and/or that some elements of my idea(s) may already be slotted for other rooms in the game. Basically, my premise here is that the player/Overlord could have a specific room where they could specifically and purposefully carry out Evil Acts -- not only for the immediate "game benefit," but also just for the "fun of it." I'd like to see the game push the spectrum of what is allowable as "Evil" in a video-game. Again, I think that having a "basic" room come available in the mid-game, with add-ons that come from (or contribute to) the "Veins of Evil" in the later course of the game would be a good idea, and also a good motivator.
Thank you for your time. Evil is Good. But PURE EVIL is...well...more satisfying...!!!

Lord of Riva

The Lord
WFTO Founder
Dec 29, 2012
yay a wall of text :D

i dont think there was a suggestion like this BUT it looks like this is a beefed up Torture chamber (which isnt bad ;) )
to be honest : im tired and i have a hangover... so since i will not be able to give you feedback now (since it will cost some time to give you feedback on this) i will add it to the list now , and hopefully remember to give you feedback later :D

thanks for your hard work.

---> Room Section


WFTO Backer
Feb 22, 2013
I look forward to your feedback, LORDOFRIVA. I also welcome feedback / suggestions/ criticism / questions from all forum members. (That's not very "Evil" of me...is it...?)


WFTO Founder
Feb 17, 2013
As with all of these huge ideas, I doubt we'll see much of it directly back into the game. You did come up with some interesting points that I reckon could be used for smaller ideas, though.

I especially liked your idea of mutation. Whether a spell, a room or a trap, I'm thinking something like this would work together with the Alchemist unit when the player is specced into the Greed vein - instead of just having the prison, torture chamber or graveyard at the player's disposal for handling fallen heroes, you'd also be able to Alchemists' findings to mutate them into 'mutated hero' minions that do the players' bidding.
Jan 7, 2012
The problem is that there are too many functions, you would have to micromanage the room with a list everytime you use it, this wouldnt go well with the eklegant and simple rooms of dk, they manage themselves trough imps and have one switcher or throw in option.
You should simplifie your room so it has an actual shaped out purpose, there will probably be a torture chamber and some worship room for the cultists. Your suggestion seems to be something inbetween them, so it needs functions which are significantly different.

Sacrifieces will already be included in a mentioned cultist room and maybe connected to morals, so evil act 1 falls out.

Torture will be used in the torture chamber, as long as you didnt consider this room as a replacement suggestion, the second act shouldnt be included.

Prisoners will be kept in the prison, no need for act 3, a ransom option could be something which could be fleshed out in a different way.

Cannibalism is something I would like to see, but it would be only a reasonable action (you waste ressources/units!) when your slaughterpen is destroyed or blocked in some way and you have a serious food problem. In this case it would be probably more reasonable when creatures handle this themselfes- weak lowelevel ceratures life dangerous in a hungry dungeon. I really dont want to feel the need of feeding my units, which seems to be too much micromanagement.

Act 5 doesnt seem reasonable and overcomplicated, creatures should just drop thei gold when defeated, no need of stripping them naked. Soul harvesting could be used in an other way you should explain.

I dont want to just bust your suggestion, but these points just seem unfitting, but you have some interesting ideas too:
Act 6, 7, and 8 could be merged,
Lets say your dungeon gets attacked and your loosing, on the other hand you still have a bunch of prisoners.
(catched in the actual battle or through other ways)
You dont have the time to convert or zombifie them, also they could get resqued soon by the enemy. Killing them could decrease the sucess of your opponent but you could still loose.

A solution could be your room, throw prisoners in to turn them instantly into drugged lunatics who attack the enemy, without using their advanced skills-only their melle attacks. The downside is that the effect wont last forever resulting in freeing your prisoners leaving them in a weakened status. Also they could die from the drugs after a time at a small possibility.
So you could use your prisoners as a last stand weapon against your foes.

The last "Act of evil" is also interesting, when you throw gold in the room it could get enchanted by the chemicals, so that enemy units in a certain radius will be drawn to the room for a short time (depending on the amount of gold and the size of the room), with a small chance of turning them in the drugged status.
It could be used like the lure room from dk1 without being as annoying and op because of the smaller radius and the less permanent effect.
Maybe a defensive room for the sloth vein which should be buid to distract and weaken enemys, the alchmist seems to be a reasonable working unit for this room.
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