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[ROOM] The Pit

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Dec 9, 2012
Name: The Pit

Stats: Minimum 3x3

Buildability: Yes

Cost: High, but not insanely high.

Information: The Pit is hole in the ground that leads to Lord of the Pit/Greater Demon/Dark God

Function: You can throw your minions or prisoners into Pit. If you do you will hear scream, while Pit Lord reaping flesh and sucking out soul of unlucky thrown creature (you can't see this, of course).
Why will you do that? For every creature thrown into The Pit you gain gold, form Pit Lord, equally to creature's strength/level.

Wall Decoration: Black walls with open wide mouths or with evil grin.

Appearance: Jagged hole in the ground, black mist coming from it. Crooked floor with broken tiles.

1 You need to make bigger room (4x4, 5x5 etc.) to "sacrifice" creatures on higher levels.
2 You need to make bigger room (4x4, 5x5 etc.) to be able to throw creatures more often.
3 Creatures of the same type that "sacrificed" creature, will be unhappy/work faster/skip next payday.
4 Creatures and heroes are not bunch of sissies. Rarely they manage to escape from pit (climb they way up), when they do they will be pissed off and powered up (climbing can give you iron muscles ;) ).
5 There are many suggestion with "pit" in name. Maybe rename to Abyss or something?

There is problem with flying creatures, it is hard to believe they wont just fly back from pit.


WFTO Founder
Dec 1, 2012
Surrey, laughing at how rubbish Sussex is.
One straight out issue I see is whether or not we are including the temple, in which case, do we really need 2 sacrificial rooms, even if they yield different rewards? Otherwise I kinda like it, but I would think whatever is at the bottom is more likely to grant other rewards such as mana, experience, or knowledge (map or research).

As for flying creatures, there could be a kind of vortex, black hole style thing pulling whatever is directly above it downwards no matter how hard they struggle to escape?


Blood Imp
Nov 10, 2012
How about a trap that results in the same effect? Pit demon traps.

We're talking a whole new level of renewable energy that Underkeepers have never before considered.


Blood Imp
Dec 8, 2012
Stockholm, Sweden
I like it. Provides the same kind of options as the DK Temple without actually having to copy DK (which would be a bit boring). Flying creatures can be solved by ghostly arms coming up to grab them, or just chains.

I'd like to see some more fun then just gold as a reward though. Perhaps a special type of unit (like a Pit Fiend) that won't arrive from a portal like normal, you have to throw creatures into the pit to get them. Each offering to the pit build up some points, and for every X points one of these creatures climbs out of the pit. A good way to make the powerfull endgame creatures seem important when you get them.
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