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Published [Scenario] Taking Back

Sep 18, 2018
Taking Back (single player scenario)

Four Underlords rise in this realm - each one trying to be the only ruler here. You are one of them. But while you choose your strategy, letting them defeat theirselves or crushing them one by one, there is also the Empire trying to take back this land from you. Their Lord of the land has send multiple forces to their outpost and no one knows which Underlord will be their first or their next target. So always watch for incoming troops, either to your Dungeon or to the ones of your opponents...

This is a single player scenario, but you can always make it a coop map by yourself with the editor changing the faction setup.
To play this map, just download and extract the map files into your Maps/Saves directory. You can find additional information on how to do this here:
Import Custom Maps


Likes: Noontide
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