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Second My Pet Dungeon Map - Chasm-filled areas.


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Dec 10, 2011
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Absolutely loving the My Pet Dungeon stuff so far! I'm busily up to Map 2, and am just about finished with it.

But I'm seriously confounded by these chasms in the middle(ish) of the map.

Here's a screenshot.

So, obviously, the question is, how do we get past those chasms to claim the shrines and artifacts beyond? Stone Bridges don't work. Outposts don't work.


EDIT: I solved it! Here's how I did it.

Build an Outpost on top of the neutral dirt tiles wherever you want to go. Somehow this is possible.

Then initiate a "Construction" Ritual from the Rituals tab. The ritual will complete the Outposts, even though no workers can reach them, and then you can send your workers there to scoop up the artifacts and claim the Mana Shrine! Woo.


Also, second question. Kinda related, maybe. In the upper-left corner of the same map, (My Pet Dungeon Map 2, with all the lava and the siphoning of gold.) there's a bit of sacred earth filled with artifacts. My minions only take the bottom half of them and don't seem to "see" the top half to take them away. Does that mean my Library is filled with artifacts and they won't bother to scoop them up because they have nowhere to drop them?
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Aug 18, 2015
Place Outpost -> Channel Construction -> Pick up the Artefacts

Have a big enough archive -> cast prophecy on it -> have workers near by -> workers will collect the artefacts
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