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setting players (in map editor).

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Mar 21, 2015
Hello guys! have to work on some maps for steam workshop, I give some suggestions for maps ..

many maps require a precise setting of the players (Ex: player vs A.I.1 + A.I.2).
Sometimes I See That the "instructions" are written in the description, but in other cases it is hard to understand how to set-up a game.

My suggestion is to add a "locked mode", and enter A.I. in the construction in the map editor and block its choice When you want to start a game with That map.

To do this you must enter the option to choose if the player (Player1, player2 ...) Should be human or A.I.

in this way there is less confusion.

but I do not know if this thing is feasible.

P.S. in many cases the description of the map is an instruction for use xD

(sorry for eng)
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