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Apr 16, 2014
Always glad to see when developers appreciate when their community helps to make their game better(unlike a certain other developer that made news lately, that we don't want to mention here*coughrockstarcough*). As a early adopter of WftO i can only say that your open communication with your community is probably the only reason you guys survived the bad launch and the only reason you were able to make your glorious (and absolutely deserved) comback. It was a long way from the mess of the start to my new personal favorite among dungeon management games(even if admittedly, rivals in this area ARE rather scarce).

So please never change guys!


Designer / Community Manager
Brightrock Games
Dec 8, 2012
Brighton, UK
Thanks Randy, it means a lot that our efforts over the past few years have not gone unnoticed :)

Believe me when I say that it's our intent to keep communication, transparency and community as core pillars within our company. We're currently ratifying our communications policy right now and I've ensured that deep consideration has been placed in how we handle our customers to ensure that we retain this strong relationship we have with you!
Likes: Reyh!
Jun 27, 2017
Parts Unknown
I am totally in love with WFTO! I just found this game some month ago and i am having a blast with it. The Crucibels alone will keep me playing for decades. And in general this game is the best Dungeon Keeper like game i have ever played for me in a lot of parts even better! I just wish that you guys would make more then the one outstanding dlc+patch cause i cant get enough of this game(even playing it on a bad pc atm cause i am not home cause i just cant stop playing xD)

Thank you for making this truely epic game!
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