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Show your hobbies


Captain Graze Box
WFTO Founder
Dec 11, 2011
Oh right! I forgot to show you my hobbies!

Hello world. A simple program that I've made. I've also enchanced the program abit, but not much. It's a start. :) (Just to be clear, I've not made the site, just the program that is described on the site/page.. :p)
Food. I love to cook, and I'm pretty good at it too! Here is a representation of my favorite dish.
On the picture you can see something I've made using Blender.
Nice :D

Thanks for sharing.
(I'm hungry now :( )
Dec 16, 2015
My hobby's:

-Hardcore gamer: Play many games, organize lan-party's etc. (and being squadleader of a [DD]-squad with 63 members)
-Artistic: creating mods, websites, little program/games in GML coding, creating video's
-Smoke weed: on days i aint working (i'm dutch, it's all legal here)
-Biker: rollercoaster are no thrill anymore!
-Bang: my girlfriend

Video's of some projects/mods/maps/etc.:

Mods can by played right now by adding me as your friend on steam! (mods are now friend-only!)
All above mods will be released for public in the next year or so!
Everything i make is free, i don't have the skills yet in GML to create my first commercial indie-game on steam, but that's just a matter of time! Ive already started with the basic's (learning). It's going to be a little inspired by the gameplay of battlefield 2 and singleplayer storyline of crono trigger. A 2D game with topdown view and cartoony graphics. Off course in GML, my skills arent good enough for C++ programming, and my chronic levels are to high.

[DD]CR0NO is my steamnickname and trademark (for now), you can also add me if you want to play coop missions/skirmishes with me in WFTO!

ps. To all haters: i don't give a fuck!
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