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Silly human foibles...


WFTO Founder
Dec 10, 2011
New York
Post silly avoidable things that you may regret, but were probably funny at some point.

Offline, I have been told that I have a charming little speech disfluency. It's only noticeable if it gets really bad, (I hate making people wait for me to finish speaking.) but I tend to speak a bit faster to compensate. Working in retail, I tend to meet many friendly people, and being of a similar nature, I wish to reinforce that attitude in the world wherever possible, and many conversations of gratitude are met with my usual response of "It's a pleasure, really. You smile. :D "

Speaking too quickly translate that into a quick "You smell."

Oh boy.

Typing too fast can do the same thing. It all too easy to turn the word "now" into "not" and vice versa. This is particularly dangerous.

"I'm not going to do my homework."
"I'm not very interested in helping."
"I'm now going to kill you."

... yeah.

So no worries... what are your own little foibles that make you who you are?
Jan 3, 2013
You could try reducing your speed a little. Unless you talk to someone who has the same WPM as you do, or maybe higher. Also you could try making your sentence shorter, thus making it easier to type/pronounce.

Dunno if I have any of this kind, since I use to deal with trolls both RL and online so I think I can deal with every kind of person ever possible various way.

I follow one credo - you can adapt to anything, all you need are time and patience. If you have both - nothing shall hinder you.
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