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Help! Some more Scripts I'm having trouble with.

Jan 29, 2016
Spawn Defense VS Build Defense

Want to know what's the difference between them. "Spawn Defense" is straightfoward, I have little trouble with it (except one detail, but I'll explain later), but what exactly "Build Defense" does? It replaces already existing defenses on the map instead of spawning new ones? I couldn't make this one work, and even so it sounds completely redundant since you can spawn new ones indefinitely with "Spawn Defense".

But I also found a problem with "Spawn Defense": When I mark the "Spawn as blueprint" box, it still spawn as a fully built defense.

Dependant Shields

This is self-explanatory to me, but I think it might be glitched just like "Spawn Defense". If I KO all of the anchoring entities it will KO the shielded entity regardless if the "KO on removal?" box is enabled or not.

Also, if I remove a Dependant Shield with the Action "Remove Dependant Shield", the entity will still be invincible even without it. Only tested it on a destroyable Overworld Gateway so far, but maybe it's not a isolated issue.

Missing Tooltips

One of the action is missing tooltips:



I think I also saw some other scripts that are missing tooltips, but only partially. This one is missing entirely.


Frost Weaver
WFTO Founder
Jan 19, 2013
Huddersfield, UK
I believe that "Build Defense" is the action equivalent to dropping a single defense part onto a blueprint (i.e partially building it) vs SpawnDefense completing the full defense instantly.

Your other issues have already been fixed internally so should be resolved once the next major patch hits.
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