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Some "random" ideas

Aug 17, 2016
One problem with replaying a map is that one already knows where everything is, and how it is going to go, unless it's been a while since the map was previously played.

One suggestion would be to have an option in the map editor when placing a shrine, to randomize the type of shrine or room from a drop down list.--So, when a map is played the first time, maybe you encounter a Gold Shrine. The next time you play, maybe it's a Mana Shrine, or an extra Gateway. This would definitely change the gameplay for the map, and the challenges would be different each time it is played. I am not suggesting that this automatically be applied for each placement, but as an option the map creator could use to add replay value to the map.(So, for example, sometimes, a Shrine in an Empire area would be an extra Gold Shrine, or a Mana Shrine,or an Inhibitor--which would give the Empire faction different strengths and weaknesses each time the map is played) If applied in a four player skirmish, for example, each player might start out with greatly different resources.

A similar strategy could also be applied to a map with already built rooms--when randomized, one player may start out with a Beast Den already built, but another player on the map gets a Barracks instead. So, on symmetrical maps, some differences in resources and abilities would occur at the loading of the map each time it is played.

Something similar could be done with enemy unit levels--an option to perhaps randomize the unit levels --pick from a range in the level settings, or allow completely randomized unit levels. Perhaps a setting could be available also to randomize the beginning number of enemy units after they are placed in the editor- the creator may place 50 enemy units, but upon game play, maybe there are 20, or maybe there are 70.

Another option would be to tie the ramdomized gold paint function to a randomization each time the map is played, so that one time, the player has much more gold to mine, another play would be less. Also, with the randomized gold, possibilities open up as to which directions a dungeon may be built. Perhaps, the starting gold at the dungeon core could also be randomized in the same way.

A further bit of changing the difficulty would be to add randomized Rock tiles to an area, limiting size and placement of rooms each time the map is played.

Finally, and probably the most difficult to implement would be to allow a map maker to set up alternate bottleneck paths, that would be randomly chosen at the loading of the map. The maker could perhaps, set up three or more alternates in the map when it is created. How this could be implemented would be the challenge.
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