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Some Thoughts

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Blood Imp
Feb 3, 2016
Hi everyone,

Im not a native speaker, so there may be some grammar errors.

First of all I want to thank you, guys. It's just amazing. This game has a lot of potential, but i Know The player Base is realtivley small.

Some thoughts i want so share:

Player Base: One big reason there are not that much players is because of the games name. I know it's a reference to DKIII, but common, I've forgotten its title a long time ago. What I've never forgotten was "Keeper", "Dungeon", "Imp" or "Horny". That's a reason your concurrents are better known.

People won't see the reference and as we all now your consumer group is the old DK Playerbase. So the title was a big fail. It was actually just a lucky thing that I've found your game.

By the way: Because of me three old DK players bought the game, too. Consider that as a fact...

Dungeons or Impire are shitty games, they are still more famous then WFTO. And that's because of the fact that people will absolutely recognize their title reference to DK.

I see myself as one of the biggest DK fan ever. Even played KeeperFX, Casabian Kampaign (DKII). Still: Never knew of WFTO. The name actually turned me off. Overworld? Is their really something of the old DK games that remind me of the overworld? Sadly not.


As i am more of a DKII player, even though I played both games, I don't like the "contrast free" design. It's so colorless. It's the DKI design somehow, but i've actually hated it. It looks so "boring". Sterile, it doesn't invite you to play the game.

I don't feel like being in a dungeon. The blocks are just too quadratic. More like being in a car tunnel. In DKII they made single blocks for example very thin (if not fortified). It gave the locations different feelings. It also made it look dirtier. It's too clean. By the way: It's not impossible to give the games stronger colors and still make it look and feels dirty, hard and disgusting.

Another big atmosphere killer imo is the dynamic lighting. Torches don't feel like torches. I think the keyword for that is dynamic lighting. Light sources need to have a bitter impact on the actual location where it stands. It needs to feel much more brighter.


Okay. This one is something I really dislike: minions don't feel different. Who is the tank? Everyone dies so fast, there is actually no tactics. And I don't feel any differences in level? It's weird. Why should I waste my gold in a spirit chamber if just can't spam all my beasts?

And tanks? Minions that really feel like tanks? The only tank available in the game is the human champion. But that is nonsense. I want different monster classes. Classical as it is in every other game. They have to feel different.

A fight us just to fast over. I've loved it in DK to watch my minions how they crush the enemy. Slowly, still dominant. Sadly the fights are so fast over, that I'm not even able to micro manage them.

Too many and too fast, almost no differences. I don't like that.

I think the major problem here are the stats.

Also fights need to be longer. I want to heal my minions as I want, not as the luck determines because everyone dies so fast and there are thousand icons so it's almost impossible to aim as u want.

These are my biggest critics.

Still: I really believe this game got potential. And I really love to find out how this game will be developed in the future.

And I'm sure the player base will getting larger. Sadly the games title is contra productive, as I know a lot of DK players would love to play a real successor of the old DK games, but sadly they just don't know....

Best luck for the future guys, I hope the best for you.


Brightrock Games
Nov 18, 2011
Just wait for the balance changes and improvements coming in Patch 1.4.
Unit levels will have a much higher impact and will feel more powerful, fights of highlevel units against low level units will be way shorter while fights between high level units will last longer, which means tanks become way more tanky.
There will be also some abilities reorganized and also animations and VFX added.
For the other points I better let a designer answer ;)


Brightrock Games
Nov 18, 2011
it's also hard to heal specific ones sometimes because they tend to overlap.
Hey I totally forgot to reply to this one.
You not need to target the heal spell exactly, because since version 1.1 Heal is an area of effect (AoE) spell which spreads 500 HP to multiple nearby units in a small radius of 2 meter.
25% of the 500 HP = 125 HP is evenly spread over all units in radius (no matter if they need it or not).
75% of the 500 HP = 375 HP is given to the most damaged units in radius until all HP are spread.

Thus all you need to do is casting on as many damaged units overlapping, it does not matter if you hit the one you really want to heal as long the one you want to heal is in 2 meters (bit more than an half tile) radius.
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