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Something for the Crucible

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Aug 17, 2016
I've been playing the GoG version of the game, trying to get all my achievements duplicated from the Steam version, and I have gotten everything, except the wave 75 achievement in the Crucible. I find this mode to be very frustrating, and the feedback I have received from some others has not relieved my concerns. I do hope that the earthquake bug gets fixed, so that I'm able to use a prison and arena, but I think that the mode will still be tilted too much toward gimmicks and primarily toward use of only defenses
I suggest, if it is not too late in the cycle, to implement some changes, to make the Crucible more playable, and to give it a longer life ongoing.

While the current lifelines are most useful, I think some additions could add to the game play. The only downside would be the effect on leader board stats, which I'm not certain a lot of people pay attention to.
I think it would be useful to have a few more controls available, so that a player can tailor the experience, and add to repeated play.

So, I think it would be useful to have some controls, like sliders, affecting spawn rate, training rate, mana regeneration, and so on. (mutators while in game, if you like) These could be set at the beginning of the game, or be available during play, to adjust settings as desired, for the current wave conditions.

The ability to regenerate/rebuild a destroyed Gold Stone would also add something interesting.
I know that the game play of My Pet Dungeon was partially in response to feedback on the Crucible, but I think that with some tweaks, the Crucible can be evolved into a mode that makes playing it less frustrating,
give it a much longer afterlife, and not have to rely on gimmicky play to make it work.

Finally, as has been suggested by others, the ability to save a game, instead of having to just quit, giving the option of taking a break, and coming back to where one left off would be most welcome
Aug 18, 2015
I also thought about seeing the spawn time for the next unit, and I would apprechiate if that UI get's into the game.
Manaregen UI, meh, don't really needed, but for sure very handy.

To the saveing option:
Saving the game can be easily exploited that's why the Dev's decided to deactivate this feature.

Goldstone rebuilding won't be a thong though. If you lose one, you madebs mistake, which gets punished with faster wave spawn and less gold. Rebuilding one would be against the design

Crucible is ment to test your skills, and only a few should be albe to get to wave +75.It should be hard and unforgiving, that mode focus more on competetiv and fast paced action (which I personally really enjoy), and at least I lool at the Leaderboard^^.

Mutators in Crucible won't be a think, because of the competetiv nature of this mode.
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