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Spawn Rules

Aug 18, 2015
Last update 18.10.2016

Start: 35
Gateway: +25

Spawn rate:
Start: 16 seconds
End: 150 seconds

Time between each minion spawns

16+(Unit with Population number X/max. Population)*(150-16) = seconds needed to spawn Unit with Population number X
16+(10/60)*(150-16) = 38,33333
The Minion which will have the Population number 10, will spawn 38,33333 seconds after the the previous Minion, when you have 1 Portal.

How much faster multible Portals are compaired to a single, and when they reach their full potential.
Unit with Population number X *16 + (150-16) * (Unit with Population number X -1)*( Unit with Population number X -2)/(2* max. Population) = Time in seconds
After which time do you reach the maximal amount of Minions with; 1 Portal; 2 Portals; 3 Portals (when the Population rate of the Unit is 1 [Gnarling, Cultist, Chunder])?
1 Portal:
(60*16)+(150-16)*(60-1)*(60-2)/(2*60)) = 4781,233333 /60 = 79,687222222 ~80 minutes
2 Portals:
(85*16)+(150-16)*(85-1)*(85-2)/(2*85)) = 6855,5764…../60 = 114,259608….. ~ 114 minutes
3 Portals:
(110*16)+(150-16)*(110-1)*(110-2)/(2*110)) = 8930,218182…../60 = 148,8369697….. ~ 149 minutes


  • Taking a Portal will increase your spawn rate.
  • As more Units you have as longer will it take that your next unit will spawn.
  • A Beast Den will slow down your spawn rate of your intelligent Minions
  • Beasts has no effect on your Population

Minions and Rooms
A Minion can only spawn when there is room for it.

Beast master and Huntress:

A Beast Master works different to the other Minions, because the Arena don’t have Props.
He needs 5 tiles where he can throw Beasts into the Arena.
So if you have a 5x5 Arena you have to count minus the corner, which makes 3 tiles for each side.
(5x5) [Room size] -(4*3) [Room corners] /4 [tiles to Spawn] = 2,6 [Amount of Beast master you will get]

Many Beast Masters, build 3x?

Mixture of training and getting BeastsMasters, build 4x?

Sancutary & Archive
This room where you have most room for Cultist to attract will dominate, the other Room will be ignored for the calculation.
So they do not add together, they will ignor each other.

Special Rule
It says, when you build a 3x3 Room you will get at least 2 minions out of it, regardless of the room capacity.
That's not true for the Beast Den.

Early Game Rule
The very first 5 Units are effected
Every intelligent Minion will spawn after 30 seconds.
Every Beast will spawn after 25 seconds.
The next intelligent Minion of the same kind will take +30 seconds from the previous Minion of the same kind and every Beast of the same kind will take +25 seconds.
Unit 1#: 1st Cultist: 30 sec
Unit 2#: 2nd Cultist: 60 sec
Unit 3#: 3rd Cultist: 90 Sec
Unit 4#: 4th Cultist: 120 sec
Unit 5#: 5th Cultist: 150 sec
Global spawntime takes over
Unit 1#: 1st Cultist: 30 sec
Unit 2#: 1st Oculus: 25 sec
Unit 3#: 1st Gnalring: 30 sec
Unit 4#: 1st Skarg: 25 sec
Unit 5#: 1st Chunder: 30 sec
Global spawntime takes over

WIP - What decreases your spawnrate?
only effects units of the same kind
- throw them back where they came from
- burning minions in the Torture Chamber
- Using them for Vampire Ritual
- throw them into the Spit Roast [Tavern]
- bloodmoney a Unit?
- inprison a Unit?
- Slapping Unit DOESN'T increase the spawntime

Big thanks to V0id,

for helping and supporting me with this Thread
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Aug 18, 2015
What's a Prop?
A Prop is that Room thingy you get.

The Barracks Prop would be the Training Dummy.
The Archive Prop is the Book Table.
The Foundry Prop is the Anvil.

What do you mean with Population?

The Population is the Limit of Minions you can get.
Every Minion will increase your Population, but keep in mind that every Unit has a different Population rate.
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Aug 18, 2015
Hmm... I can be mistaken but as far as I know Cultists can be attracted by Sanctuary without the need to build Archive, because only they can work there. But I need to test this because now I'm confused.
Never heard about that, but if it's true please let me know.
Aug 18, 2015
Update Changes:
Minion Prop attraction has been changed.
Early Game Rule has been added (It's added to prevent simple Rushes, like Gnarling & Beast Rush or Chunder + Arena Rush)
Emperial Units has been added to the List
1.3 Beast Spawn Mechanics deleted
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Aug 18, 2015
Where did you get the new numbers for Beasts? (Or the old numbers for that matter.)
I asked V0id and Simburger, they gave me those informations, but mostly V0id.
It would mean a maximum beast den has gone from 77 tiles to 100 tiles.
It does mean before the 1.4 the biggest usefull Beast Den was 77 Tiles big.
Beasts have a separate Population capacity (40).
Multiple Beast Den Portals won’t increase the spawn rate of Beasts (you have to count -1 tile for the Beast Den portal, so it does the opposite).
The beast which you have at least will spawn at first.
Beasts spawn after a spawn order:

1. Oculus (max. 9)
2. Skarg (max. 9)
3. Shadow (max. 8)
4. BAFU (max. 8)

To attract as many Beast as possible, your Beast Den has to be 77 tiles big.
With other words, you must have a 8x9 + 5 tile Beast Den.

(1,5*9)[=9 Oculus]+(2*9)[=9 Skarg]+(2*8)[=8 Shadow]+(2,5*8)[=8 BAFU]+1[=Beast Den Prop] = 76,5 ~ 77
Now the Beast Den has no hard cap, that means, Bigger Beast Den = more Beasts. You can have a 1001 Tile Beast den and will get a shit load (=400) of Beasts, if your Population can handle that.
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Aug 28, 2014
I've done a little research on the Empire minions (thanks largely to Snowhope), and they're, um, a little odd.

Starting with the uncomplicated ones:
  • Priestess: As Cultist; one per Archive or Sanctuary prop, whichever you have more of.
  • Firebreather: As Crackpot; one per 1.5 Alchemy Lab props.
  • Inquisitor: As Succubus; one per 1.5 Torture Chamber props.
  • Matriarch: As Necromancer; one per 1.5 Graveyard props.
  • Juggernaut: As Augre; one per two Garrison props.
And now, the odd ones!
  • Witch Doctor: One per 1.5 Spirit Chamber props, but if you only have Overworld gateways, you only seem to be able to get one Witch Doctor total.
  • Warden: One per Foundry prop. However, Wardens also take up one unit attraction slot for the Barracks, so if you have a 5*5 Barracks and four Wardens, you won't attract any Gnarlings.
  • Huntress: As Beastmaster, one for every four "edge" tiles of Arena. However, you can attract your first two with just a Barracks and no Arena at all. They take up a fraction of a Barracks prop - I had two Huntresses and no other units, and my Barracks said "1 of 4 units attracted".
  • Templar: Slightly less than one per Barracks prop. I always seem to have more Barracks occupied than I have units that take up Barracks slots.
  • Arcanist: One per Archive prop, but also requires some amount of Treasury. I'm not sure how much because the Treasury doesn't display attracted units.
  • Highguard: One per Barracks prop, but also requires some amount of Treasury.
  • Vanguard: One per Foundry prop, but also requires some amount of Treasury.
  • Bard: I'm honestly not sure. I know they require a Treasury, but I don't know what else, if anything.
The following Empire units cannot be attracted through the portal:
  • Dwarven Sapper
  • Angry Monk (takes up Archive attraction slots)
  • Dwarven Arcanist
  • Temple Guard
  • Any "character" like Lord O'Theland


Aug 28, 2014
I noticed that the gold piles in a treasury do actually display the number of minions it attracts. You need nine tiles for the first, and 25 for every one thereafter (so 9, 34, 59, 84, etc.)

The bard requires simply a treasury and lair.

Still haven't worked out what's going on with templars taking up slightly more than one barracks prop and huntresses taking up less than one.


Aug 28, 2014
It looks like Huntresses and Wardens take up two-thirds of a barracks attraction slot each (50 Wardens = 33 attraction slots consumed), while Templars take up about 1.16, so about seven-sixths of a slot.

Since Templars are pretty bad compared to Gnarlings (take up more slots, have less health, don't have the awesome spin-to-win move), if you have both an Empire and Underworld gateway, I recommend banning Templars. Huntresses have excellent ranged DPS. Wardens seem to be not quite as good as Chunders, but I need to do more testing.
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