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Published Steable Empt (3 Player)

Dec 14, 2012
Brief: Ah! Underlord! I see you have returned to test your wits and bloody your knuckles.

A deliciously small shatter of this realms crust has given way to the Heroes that once dwelt upon it, one underlord whom was imprisoned boarders the lifeless husk where the Heroes' power once stood, another underlord hides from across the shores of lava; as for the third power within this domain you will catch them dangling around from where the shattering crust is likely to have taken place.

Pulverize every last superficial evil that crosses your path! And while you're at it, pleasure yourself with the dens at your leisure.​
_________________ _________________
Current progress, 98x98. Layout: 99.99%
- - - - - - -
Players: 3
Confinement: Very.
Style: 1v1v1 Mission
Portals: 2
Exploration: Limited.
Tip: Multiple squads to party around the domain will go a long way!
- - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

[ Testing Stage Activated ] -::- Publicly Released.
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