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Suggested things so far (please read before opening a new thread)

Discussion in 'Suggestions' started by Lord of Riva, Jan 24, 2013.

  1. Lord of Riva

    Lord of Riva The Lord Founder

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    Here is a Overview of things that have been Suggested so far.

    Please Look if there is anything already in it that has been suggested before. if you have new things to add to a certain topic don´t be shy to write them but please remember rule 1.

    I hope this helps to Organise the forum and make it easier to skim through threads you (or the Devs) are interested in.

    Suggested Creatures: (i´m collecting only suggestion that are written in the creature suggestion form since most of the time other threads are more general Ideas )

    REMINDER: Please write [Neutral Creature], [Underlord creature] or [Imperial Creature] in the Topic name (no variations please , its easier to sort this way (makes my life easier XD))

    Underlord Creatures:

    Blood Golem by poisonheadcrab
    Onryo by vahallaist
    Fossilized Remains by Davetron
    Shanty Claw by Nutter666
    Brazen Bull by Poisonheadcrab
    Geist by Tikuto
    RippleXavron by mastersam911
    Pupeteer by Mastersam911
    Iron Maiden by Miyavi
    blood golem by Poisonheadcrab
    Centipede by Poisonheadcrab
    Slate by Delete_Repeat
    Constrictor by Cake Machine
    Chytrid by Ben Chandler
    Nightmare by MarcelN
    Rouge by nutter666
    Brain Slug by ChillbroSwaggins
    Tardigrunt by TheButcher
    Bloodwolf by Sorudo
    Ghoul by Notorious_BLT
    Blood King by Miyavi
    The Lingering by Nodscouter
    The Ascendant by Nodscouter
    The Hive by Malyanan
    Hunk'o'Flesh by RyanAvx
    Svartálfr (Black Elf) by cryder
    Headless Gaoler by TheMarg0r
    Cave Wyrm by [email protected]
    Impdriver by RyanAvx
    Cave-Dweller by AvatarIII
    Sobek by War-Overlord
    Slime by Lordofriva
    Orc by Eric_Shadowblade
    Rage Demon by Rhalius
    Troglodyte by Shock
    Skeleton Archer by Mack
    Grim Reaper by Poisonheadcrab
    Ogerhun by Coolant
    Vampirine by cheiftain
    Dökkálfar Shadowblade by Alexander Luhmann
    Nightwalker by Malyanan
    Terror by Robofish
    Minotaur by Roackeru; by Saintspirit
    Tokoloshe by Sloffie
    Thorned Creeper by AvatarIII
    Mimic by Roackeru
    Thorny Hunger by Sloffie
    Necromancer by Rhalius
    Chameleon (Shape Shifter) by Joe
    The Hellbat by Inlaa
    Arachnah by Wolvie
    Worm by Sarevokus; by dagoth_ethan
    Faceless by RyanAvx
    Lava Worm by Inlaa
    Skeleton Dragon by Poisonheadcrab
    Golem by Idle Idol
    Scientist by LFW
    Avaggdu by Sebt
    Kilac by Mickel
    Percheron Centaurs by DTM
    Shade by The Dark master of Onions
    Demon Warrior by Spartan878
    Sloth Demon by Rhalius
    Voodoist by Fauztin
    The Warden by Rhalius
    Kappa by Supermeddalek
    Dullahan by Law_ex_machina
    Demon Lord by Slingmonkey
    Executioner by Rhalius; by Bukke Bruse
    Witch by Rhalius
    Cyclops by the_Watchman
    Wyvern by Poisonheadcrab
    Igor by Aquaman
    Spitter by Inlaa
    Heretic by the Dark master of Onions
    Butcher by the Dark master of Onions
    Abomination by the Dark master of Onions; by LFW
    Kryphon by Galenwolf
    Eris by Galenwolf
    Dark Crusader by Poisonheadcrab
    Hydra by poisonheadcrab
    Tarantula Brood Mother by Karakzon
    Pitfiend by Karakzon
    The Destroyer by Poisonheadcrab
    Wererat by inlaa; by Overlord
    Headless Horseman by Crown Council
    Dark Jester by LFW
    Devil by Poisonheadcrab
    Bloodguard by Sarevokus
    Devil Spawn by Poisonheadcrab
    Basilisk by dagoth_ethan
    Abyssal by Wonderboy2402
    Recluse by amcoops
    Troll by Cold_Ankles
    Assasin by Darkfire4114
    Panoptes by Mothrayas
    count/countess by PumpkinKing
    Wraith by AthenaWhisper
    Harpy by Jared
    Fury by Sebt
    Gorgon by PumpkinKing
    Giant Centipede by Poisonheadcrab
    Banshee by PumkinKing; by Sarevokus
    Ogre by Zuriki
    Shadowhound by Acidicdevildog
    Eternal by Meincookie
    slave by LFW
    Witchdoktor by Overlord
    Fire-Bug by overlord
    Spider by Nazgren
    The enraged by Raold
    Ragewalker by Spartan878
    Oblivion Knight by Jared
    Redcap by MeinCookie
    Maskdancer by PumpkinKing
    Plague Doctor by Fireeye
    WallJaw by Aggelos
    Witch by Ben Chandler
    Defiler by Ben Chandler
    Behemoth by Ben Chandler
    Bursar by Cultist
    Mastermind by Cultist
    Unseelie by Ptlans
    Phase-squid by Miyavi
    Flesh reaver/Flesh reaper by Vaptor
    Demon Child by Pak Man
    Doppelgänger by Arctic95
    Eidolon by Nodscouter
    Amaranthine by Nodscouter
    Serpent Mage by Nodscouter
    Lunatic by Nodscouter
    Men of Lantern by Nodscouter
    Bluefire Drake by Sebt
    Leech by nutter666
    wight by Lord Proteus
    Set (the helldog) by Sebt
    Bloodspore by [email protected]
    Scorpionfolk by Evi
    Charred Ent by Warbrand2
    Dungeon Golem by Korion
    Bustuarius by Rhalius
    Ice scorpion by Poisonheadcrab
    Umbral by Underlord Vulukai

    Neutral Creatures:

    the Steam punk by Cake machine
    Lava Crab by Cake Machine
    The Nomad by Badwolf699
    Pixie by Evi
    Elementalist by The Dark master of Onion; Air; Fire; Earth
    Manavede by Evi
    (Fire) Elemental by Poisonheadcrab; Water Elemental
    Fire Crawler by Meincookie
    Chimera by mishko
    Eldritch by LFW
    Phoenix by Mothrayas
    Gelatinous cube by Jinxed Sphinx
    Fylgja by Sept
    kobold by Evi
    Conjurer by MeinCookie
    Gremlin by MeinCookie
    Tengu by Mothrayas
    Magnes by Mothrayas
    Triloscythe by MeinCookie
    Strigoi by The Dark Master of Onions
    Fairy by Ben Chandler
    wrath by Sebt
    Swampwalker by Pumpkinking
    Spectral by Anonymus
    Dervish by Aedis
    Cult of the Rat God by Hyrune
    white prowler by [email protected]

    Saurians by the dark master of onions
    Gnome by Valhallaist

    Imperial/Hero Units:

    white crab by mastersam911
    Armored Bear by Fireeye
    Brawler by Sebt
    Guardian/Paladin by Azure Shadow
    Armorian by ohmai
    Praetorian guard by Alexander Luhmann
    Slinger by Inlaa
    Duelist by Inlaa
    Ice Maiden by Poisonheadcrab
    Jester by Medjay
    Zealot by Cold_Ankles
    Druid by Rhalius
    Spellsword by Rhalius
    Night Raider by Rhalius
    Warden by Rhalius
    Monk by Rhalius
    Adventurer by Rhalius
    Huscarl by Rhalius
    Footman by Rhalius
    Knight Templar by Rhalius
    Geologist by Sarevokus
    Loremaster by Sarevokus
    Trapper by Inlaa
    Sapper by Zerebus
    Nature Harmonizer by nathan
    Centaur by AvatarIII
    Crusader by Poisonheadcrab
    Runepriest by Sarevokus
    Genie by PumkinKing
    Tyrant by Sebt
    Charlatan by Carlodagunz
    Monster Hunter by dagoth_ethan
    Dwarven crimson Defender by Sebt
    Halfling fighter by Inlaa
    Enforcer by LFW
    Angel by PumpkinKing
    Preacher by MeinCookie
    Escavator by Ben Chandler
    Pack hounds by Ben Chandler
    Oracle by Ben Chandler
    Esquire by Sebt
    Ginger Ninja by Aedis
    Koschey the immortal by cultist
    Valkyrie by Ben_chandler
    Entchantress by Evil Sandwich
    Swashbuckler by Evil Sandwich
    Beastmaster by Sebt
    War Badger by Enjou
    Cambion by Ben Chandler
    Dryad by Enjou
    Tomb Warden by Tenebris
    Sinless by Evi
    Crow Knight by Rhalius
    Soulless Empire Warrior by Acidicdevildog
    Titan by Ben Chandler
    Samurai by Acidicdevildog

    Sparky by mastersam911
    Agent de Vulpe by Ben Chandler
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  2. Lord of Riva

    Lord of Riva The Lord Founder

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    Other Suggestions:


    Hallway by Spookeh
    Helpdesk by jertoo7
    Necromancers Lab by Scaro
    Hex chamber by Baelrog
    Teleport & Transplantatory by Greensage
    Storage by ShadowTiger
    Throne Room by Saint
    Outpost by Toffejay
    Hero Entrance by DandoomBuggy
    Labyrinth by Montaropdf
    Pit by inalian
    Dwelling of Silence by Sebt
    Chimera laboratory by Bad_Dragon
    Cursed Crypt by Rhalius
    The Asylum by The Watchman
    Slaughterhouse by The Dark master of Onions
    Theatre by LFW
    Nexus by Cookielord
    Dark Temple by Aggh
    Dark Hospital by LFW
    The Gutter by amcoops
    craftsroom by Anonymous
    Map Room by Rhalius
    Infernal Chancellery by Cultist
    Creature Parliament by Badwolf699
    Arena by Peetfighter
    Hall of Survive by Sebt
    Dirt Room by Rhys-Arnold
    Arc Heart by Myiavi
    warding chamber by Rhalius
    Titanical Garden by Cake Machine
    Purple haze by mastersam911


    River of Blood by Cake Machine
    Decease Trap by Annes
    Oubliette and Poison Dart by Inlaa
    lava Trap by Killerjerick
    Drowned soul by BadDragon
    Blade Trap by Sebt
    Wall alcove, moats, swinging axe/log by Iggii
    Obfuscater by Iggii
    Barricade by Iggii
    Acid Bomb by Inlaa
    Girder Trap by Sebt
    Bumper by Andron
    Lure Trap by LFW
    Force/Gravity manipulator by Sarevokus
    Oil Trap by dagoth_ethan
    Whirling fan by Cold_Ankles
    Splitter by tougherwolf
    Trap vein by Nazgren
    "generic Traps" by Cold_Ankles
    Hidden hole by christian pederson
    Reinforced Trap by LFW
    Sentinel Trap by The Dark Master of Onions
    Semi-Random cave-ins by AvatarIII
    Arterys by Karakzon
    Soul Prism by Aedis
    MindBomb by Aedis
    Shark Trap by mouth
    Talking walls by Nechromius
    Room of pure evil by Nechromius
    Trojan by nutter666
    Magic mirror by Rhalius
    Wall coffin by IVoctrunal
    living defenses by Warbrand2
    seductive prosthelytizing trap by Narg
    oujia by cake machine
    Eye of the Underlord by Enjou
    Fools gold by cake machine
    Honey trap by Cake machine
    Instantly killing traps by Sebt
    The bracelet by Sebt
    bait trap by cake machine
    Neutral Traps / Natural Hazards by Cake Machine
    Beast snare by Enjou
    Leech stone by Enjou
    Ice Cube by Sebt
    Evil eye by Fireeye
    Shimmerworm Mound by Underlord Vulukai
    Demonology Lab by Lord Proteus


    Plague by chaoseater
    Porticulis by Rhalius
    Glacial Door by Iggii
    Spellwarded Door by inlaa
    Black Terror by Vaptor
    Customised door access by acidicdevildog
    Gem Door by LEGiT
    Obsidian Door by Medjay
    Secret passage by Sebt


    Water way by Mastersam911
    Imp Bomb by Dawn
    Hellish Gateway by Fireeye
    Hide Door by Roackeru
    Soul Link by Sarevokus
    Terraform by Karakzon
    "set of Spells" by Iggii
    magical mines by Sarevokus
    Vortex by Sarevokus
    various "wall/Zone" Spells by Sarevokus
    madhouse by Meincookie
    Cave-In by Acidicdevildog
    immolate by Inlaa
    Shock/Schokwave by Cookiel0rd
    Bat swarm by MeinCookie
    Turncoat spell by Nazgren
    Darkening spell by Tgnome
    Room illusion by Zylathas
    Hallucination by Cake Machine


    O spur me by mastersam911
    Omen of Perdition by Sebt


    Walpurgis by Arcayer


    Abandoned Workshop by Sebt
    Basic Shrine Ideas by Fireeye


    Optional Alliances by Jobs2k
    Intelligent Doors by insignium
    Creature Unisons by vin
    Specialised Lairs, Hangouts & Training by vido.Ardes
    Neutral Hostile/Passive Beasts by The Dark Master of Onions
    The Bloody conquest by Sebt
    2 different training levels by Trangos
    Fortified Walls by The Dark Master of Onions (diggable or invincible walls)
    Environmental Factors by Karsten Winkelmann
    Soft caps for units by Keith (Goblins vs. Black Knights)
    Environment Usability by Sebt
    Monsters embedded in ice; Floors; Timed game; Going outside; Rooms on bridges. by Jax0K
    Corruption/Redemption by Rhalius
    Friendship and Marriage by Melvin Li
    Automated Systems by Eek
    Vanity Orders by RachniKiller
    Someone is Always Unhappy by Thalamond
    Subordinate Underlords by Enjou
    Garbage Disposal and Effects by Vargas
    Hero and Monster Personality by Taffystuck
    Multi-level Dungeon by abinning
    Caltrops for Imps by Grimhound
    Placing rooms by ludoverr
    Announcments by [email protected]
    Tributes by Rhalius
    Unit Command Interface by Sebt
    Creature Related Room/Trap Unlocks/Aesthetics by Joe
    Bridge usage by Vaernus
    Underlord hand use by Arnatos
    Sniping by Medjay
    Setting things on Fire by LFW (I Want to Set Things on Fire)
    Unit movement/placement by Zuriki
    Head worker by AvatarIII
    Dynamic Spellbook by Acrimonious
    Upgrading Rooms by Cold_Ankles
    Avatar by Acrimonious
    War Standard by Toffejay
    Moral, Squads and Alcohol by Void3dge
    Calling by Inlaa
    Unit spawn rate calculation by karakzon
    Attacks of opportunity by Cold_Ankles
    Fear/Threat by Co0kieL0rd
    Overworld relationships by LFW
    Wagon by anonymous
    Bond creature by Evi
    Gnarlings dueling each other, one being the master of the other etc. by sokkur
    Fogbeasts by Fireeye
    Glass defenses and Bridge traps by Sebt
    Infantry, and individual warriors by Rhalius
    converted heros instead of leaving dungeon go crazy by Vaptor
    End Tier Avatar minion by Trasapa
    Dungeon heart buffs your minions by Vaptor
    Reworking gems by Noontide
    Map Markers by Wice
    imp Priorities by Wice
    training room (mechanics) by cultists
    Worshipping a specific Dark Gods by Enjou, by Rhalius
    Legendary/Elite Creatures by Hahalo
    ghost view by Sorudo
    fight (ui overview) by Donpost
    Traps (General Ideas) by maties17
    trading by Peetfighter
    Veins of evil: props/decoration by Ben Chandler
    hero ai by Keverian
    bar fights by Jamiethejimjam
    Mana Well (destroyed dungeon heart usage) by chuckle face
    Possession leaping by Robofish
    Dungeon infestation by Shyanekh
    creature exclusive by Medjay
    Dust by Cake Machine


    Nutters Art Thread by Nutter666
    limited gem blocks by Bile Demon
    Stalagmites/Stalactites by Evil Sandwich
    If you could make an Underlord by Noontide (Various themes and Underlord Ideas)
    The Hero Campaign by Xander (Suggestions to the Hero Campaign if it gets funded)
    Suggestions for Richard Ridings Ambient Comments by Medjay
    Cross-Map variables by ShadwoTiger
    More categories in the creature selection grid. by ShadowTiger
    Rifle by Peetfighter
    Imp Upgrade by Jax0K
    Embellishments we would like to see by Medjay
    Various ideas based on recent DK2 playthrough by Mozared
    different cultural Kingdoms by campbelldh
    Keyboard Layouts by Lordofriva
    Hero Faction beast by Mozared
    Suggest a Dark God by Enjou
    Dynamic Overworld map by Enjou
    Mapmaker tools (Map Objects for Dungeoneer) by nutter666
    AI Assistant by Tommonius
    Spell animation on cursor (spell influence on hand) by Jari Nierop
    the seven virtues (hero skill tree) by GoAwayMyDonut
    enemy underlords insulting the player by Tommonius
    Different Evil-hand skins for different Themes by Medjay
    Hold mouse for continuous action by Clord
    Tower Defense (Flex Goal) by Peetfighter
    Moats by Peetfighter
    Nests by Peetfighter
    Telepathy (what do your minions think? ) by LFW
    Rewards and bonuses by iggii
    Vault/Storage Capacity Indicato by Peetfighter

    Question & Answers:

    Yes i did probably, i had to read through 30 pages of topic names and filter the relevant suggestions out of it
    and Probably missed just yours/the one of your friend/the greatest ever for some reason.

    - Please look in the list if there may be something similar (then i didnt add it again, and wont add it)

    - or was it a part of one the "Room/Trap/crature/Spell" Topics? (then it got Probably added as the first in the Topic name)

    - or was it not fleshed out, like did it use the Creature suggestion form, did it have a name, or was it just a general idea?(then be a little bit more specific on its topic , i will add it then)

    if nothing of this is the case then write me a personal Message i will look into it ! ;) (and probably add it)

    In some cases were only one or two suggestions at all. in the case of Mechanics / Gameplay Topics most of them are already announced, mentioned or canceled. to differentiate i would have to read ALL (or at least most of it) to see if it is even relevant at this point. (and often these threads are just spam ...)

    Maybe i will look into it later (but Probably not) because i dont want to list only SOME of the things even canceled because most of it are very interesting discussion about certain topics it would be unfair to list some while others just have the wrong topic name to be in it. (On the other hand , why should they be on the list if they are already irrelevant)

    Yes and no. I´m not a native speaker, please understand that i make mistakes... probably a lot. While some people hate to read such a text most of the time you can understand what i mean right? so is it really that important?
    Yes in two cases it really is:

    1) i named the "creature/Room/Trap/Door" wrong. Please send me a PM i will correct these since the reason for this topic is to find suggestion (mostly via CTRL+F) i the word has mistakes you will probably not find it.
    thanks for your hard work if you do this for me

    2) i Wrote the name of the Thread creator wrong. Credit to where its Due, some people might search for a specific user and his Suggestion so please correct me if i spelled your name wrong .

    okay finished for now thanks for the Sticky and the Likes guys ;)
    Last edited: Jan 22, 2014
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  3. Simburgur

    Simburgur Managing Director Dev Team

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    Stuck ;)
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  4. Alistair

    Alistair Captain Graze Box Founder

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    Great post! I have merged all your posts into one. If you ever need a placeholder setting up for whatever reason just private message a member of staff and we shall sort you one out ;)

    A cup of tea would restore my normality.
  5. Badwolf699

    Badwolf699 Juggernaut Founder

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    Great List Lordofriva :) how long did it take to compile?
  6. Lord of Riva

    Lord of Riva The Lord Founder

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    its not complete ... and it felt like eternity ^^
  7. Badwolf699

    Badwolf699 Juggernaut Founder

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    Shame I can't send you a Trophy or anything but a Like is the best I can do ;)
  8. Eek

    Eek Dryad Founder

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    It's good. :)
    maybe add something about the horny/mistress/biledemon/hatcheryfood suggestions so people don't make more threads about them?
  9. Lord of Riva

    Lord of Riva The Lord Founder

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    thought about doing an FAQ down in another Topic? well i have to finish this here first ^^

    ... maybe add a thing or two into Toffejays thread about what is already announced ?

    if he would like to do that. (and maybe you should copy his topic for the suggestion forum ... most of the new guys will look there anyway... straight after the updates :p )
  10. Medjay

    Medjay Shadow Backer

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    This is very impressive, well done Lordofriva!

    (You might like to amend the spelling of the skeleton Underlord creature)
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  11. Rhalius

    Rhalius Templar

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    great list, never knew I suggested so many of the hero creatures. Here's hoping some will make it into the game.
  12. TheButcher

    TheButcher Blood Imp Backer

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    Great list dude, that is dedication to the cause! ;)
  13. Slichizard

    Slichizard Shadow

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    Be ready to update it everytime someone suggests something.

    Not very convenient way of managing suggestion stuff, but so far it's the only one, unless Staff start adding sub-sections for each type of suggestion.
  14. Lord of Riva

    Lord of Riva The Lord Founder

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    i think that it wont be that much of a work there is roughly 1 suggestion in 2 days now (the form i will add)
    even if the Forum gets crowded later it wont be that much, if i do id regulary
  15. Cultist Joris

    Cultist Joris Ember Demon Founder

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    Herewith you have been appointed as the WftO Suggestion thread keeper... Be proud of it! ;)
  16. toffeejay

    toffeejay Crackpot Founder

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    Might be easier if people message you when they create a post to save you searching.

    Impdriver by RyanAvx - Still my favourite unique suggestion.
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  17. Lord of Riva

    Lord of Riva The Lord Founder

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    yes thats why i wrote it into the Q&A section

    one of the good guys huh? ^^
  18. Amon

    Amon Ember Demon

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    You update the list pretty quickly. I don't think the pixels had finished forming on my Strigoi suggestion before it was added.
  19. Lord of Riva

    Lord of Riva The Lord Founder

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    i was around ^^ just a real coincidence :p
  20. Xander

    Xander Dryad

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    Would my 'Hero Campaign' suggestion come under Misc? :D

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