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Suggested things so far (please read before opening a new thread)

May 28, 2015
I suggest adding more gore and non combat violence.
-Gore should be more and stay on the floor/walls longer then it does now, perhaps also appear when units simply just take a hit.
-More non combat violence: i think the arena and prisenor attack should be used even without you giving direct orders.
With prisoners perhaps you should be able to "get some" in another way and have them for better uses, auto-sacrifice when a ritual needs it or be able to feed micro pigs from it so there spawn more pigs (evil!).

Another thing i also would like to see in a good evil dungeon game is dismemberment, Perhaps combined with ragdolls, and then after a battle you see a bloody combat field filled with arms legs heads and gore bodies. dismemberment can then also be used in the torturing of prisenors to give you the real sensless killing evil feeling. It is already well achieved when people feed on pigs, image if they can feed on a prisoner

Also it is a shame that more rooms don't have amore passive use:
-the foundry can be used to give monster better weapons and armor if there not making traps
-the tavern should desplay drunken minions fighting each other
-the sanctuary could perhaps be set to spawning helisch creatures (if cultists are working)
-the alcemy lab could make small healing potions for your minions
-spirit chamber and crypt could also do a passive use, if its just you see minions doing stuff there

The possession spell should make that unit incredible powerfull as long as you control it this is a very neat option you guys already did here!

p.s. love the multiple ways to get gold (blood money, gold transmutation, infinite mining block)
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Oct 6, 2015
What I would like is a Ritual to increase your maximum mana pool by sacrificing minions; they would need to be at a minimum level first (say, about 5), and each time this is done, the happiness of all the minions in your dungeon is lowered for a fixed duration and cannot be raised until the effect ends.


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Apr 14, 2012
-the foundry can be used to give monster better weapons and armor if there not making traps
-the alcemy lab could make small healing potions for your minions
I think both of these [or something like them] was originally planned, along with a canned room that was simply called the Market [crewed by Gnarlings, which was an attempt to ensure their usefulness late-game], which would have been where your minions went to buy them [recycling more gold].
These were eventually canceled because, if I remember rightly, it would have added another [unneeded?] level of complexity to the game for players, and, if they had gone whole-hog and had individual models for each weapon, and actually had them show up on each unit, it would have added a cubic shit-tonne of work in modelling, programming and animation onto an already strained Dev Team [this was all around the earliest days of the Bedrock Beta, when their team was even smaller than it was now].

I still like[d] the idea of it, though :)
Jun 5, 2016
Some thoughts and suggestions -
I can't seem to find a list of the hotkeys. Some of the hotkeys I've been able to find through button pressing aren't the ones I really need. It seems like everything needs to be done by clicking on the interface.

For starters, I'd suggest using many of the Dungeon Keeper (I&II) hotkeys. I know you guys aren't Bullfrog but it would be a good base.
If not, here are some suggestions -
P - cycle to portals you own. Or P and Alt + P - to cycle back and forth
G - gold mines Alt + G - cycle them.
H - dungeon heart
M - big overhead map.
- and + or Pg up and down = zoom minimap in and out.
I think you have rotate main map in place?
Click and right click on UI unit section. Selects last unit in stack / first unit in stack. Like DK. Maybe shift click to select all units of that type.
Shift W - selects all workers.
Shift S - selects all spell casters.
Shift F - selects all melee fighters.

Annoyances - when you summon your behemoth (or super arcane guy / girl or that third thing that looks like a box), it jumps you to the unit and you have to scroll around to go back to where you are. Please just keep the spot where you were working before the summoning instead of zooming to the new unit.

Many of the old DK I & II traps. I miss the boulder trap and the alarm trap. Freeze trap. Exploding trap. Deadfall trap. Just all that old school stuff.
Many of the old DK I & II units. You have good units but I'd like more variety. I miss the bile demon and horny. Oh heck, I miss a lot of them.
More of a musical score.
More taunts from the overlord - it is the witching hour . . . spells are half price. That other one where he says, "go to bed!"

More micro stuff - like how in DK some units didn't like to sleep in the same room as other units.

More rooms - Casino to make units happy. With the occasional "jackpot!!" (+ bells and whistles when monster wins).

- Some way to do scrimmage and be able to decide what types of units that can be recruited and what types of resources will be available on map.

- more information on the stats of each unit. Damage amount. Speed. How quickly before they get hungry, How quickly before they need to rest. Have it go up / down based on level. Have it displayed graphically also when you click on unit.

Possible bugs

- on last mission I sight of evil'd the entire map. The map got so sluggish I had to exit to windows. Running i-5 at 4.2 ghz with 8gb ram. GTX 480. Lowest graphics settings. Windows 7. Not sure why it would lag like that.

- seeing enemy units stuck on map. They just get clumped up in a corner and can't get out.

I don't know if you guys cringe when people mention Dungeon Keeper. I'm not using it to rub it in your face but I just want you to have a frame of reference as to what I'm talking about. Hopefully I won't get the "you mention DK so much, why don't you go play that instead!" The answer obviously is that Bullfrog is gone and the game is really really dated in terms of graphics, but they really stuck a ton of features into that little gem of a game. WFTO is the successor and I like how you guys did what you could to make the games similar, even grabbing the original voice over guy to do your narrations.

Rock on indie developer! :)
Nov 11, 2017
So how do I add to the list? With this comment? I'm a Huge DK, DK2, and WFTO fan here. And I hate to brag, but my credentials are genius-level imagination. Of course, you have no proof of that until you get to know me and play/read my work.

But to the point, please, please, please include fairies. [Imperial Creature] . Neutral would be acceptable as well, since in WFTO the Imperial forces are rather a nasty piece of work, whereas in Dungeon Keeper the upper-worlders were sweet, peaceful, civilisation, living in perfect harmony with nature, in idyllic worlds.

Still, fairies are insanely awesome. Protectors of their fotrdt And PLEASE make sure that when imprisoned, they make that cute sighing-sound of depressed resignation, like the fairies in DK1 or 2. They can we also have them leave a faint trail of sparkles / stars behind their wings as they go.

Now, fairies can fly, they should be all or mostly white, somewhat bejewelled, they have a totally different look to other creatures. Obviously they should be an arcane class.
- A heal spell should definitely be included in their 'build'. I was also thinking - a temporary invisibility spell in which they cannot be targeted (but this would break if they attack), so they could make excellent scouts.
- A peace spell would be great, so momentarily cease combat.
- Obviously an offensive spell in there too, such as freeze and/or lightning, or perhaps turning an enemy into a toadstool!
- As with DK she would be fast and with low armour.
- If it's not too hard to programme, perhaps a spell in which she can pass through single tile walls! (not Augrum walls though)
- A protective spell they can cast on an ally, reducing or eliminating damage for a short while.
- A spell that blows back enemies in a rainbow ring.
- A spell that shrinks an opponent(s)



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