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Suggestion about Map maker


Dwarven Worker
Jun 4, 2016
Hello i have some Suggestions about the map maker.

first i miss some Options to Disable unlockable spells or Rooms i want to have an option to disable some rooms or spells for better different playstyles.

second it would be great to have an option to set the enemy on aggressive that means he attacks you in an adjustable time with a adjustable number of heroes/Minions(would be great when i can set which Heroe or Minions he use but for now its enough to have it).

my third and last idea. It would be really great to have Voice Options to use our own Voices or own creation of Voices for the Speeker in ur own Dungeon.

i am Pretty Sure with this Options we can make really Unique maps.

sry for my really bad english but i hope u can understand me
Aug 13, 2015
The problem with disabling rooms or spells or anything like that is that it messes with the balance in the Veins of Evil. In order to prevent accidentally blocking later rooms or spells, you would have to remove them from the Veins of Evil and move everything else upward, meaning that you get to the Titans faster. Remove too many, and you can effectively summon a Titan before your enemies have any way of dealing with it short of summoning another Titan. In order to avoid having Titans be the only go-to strategy for victory in such circumstances, you would have to rebalance the Titans in such a way that removing rooms has no effect on how long it takes to obtain them... which is practically impossible.

In short, disabling rooms and spells can't happen with the current state of the game because balancing it would be a nightmare.
Dec 14, 2012
Unless by disabling a room or spell just meant the vein of evil unlock stayed permanently locked, it could quite possibly take longer or just as long depending on what's left?
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