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Suggestion: Autosave

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Okay, this suggestion might need a bit of introduction.

I've been playing WftO for several months now, generally enjoying it (*bleep* Belmorne's Pass though). Some of my greatest enjoyment comes from giant PvE maps in which I can take my time slowly tearing into the Empire goons. And then the game freezes when I'm about halfway through. Given that I don't save too often, losing two hours of gameplay isn't uncommon. It's very annoying though, even more so when I'm like 'okay, I'll murderize everybody in this room, then save' right before it (or my laptop) crashes.

So my suggestion is to make the game autosave every... ten minutes or so, deleting the previous autosave in the process. Should be relatively simple to implement (note the should) because the game already does a thing every ten minutes, doesn't it? Yep, payday comes around every ten minutes.

Thank you for reading.
That should definitly be implented, or at the very least a quicksave key to make it much less of a burden.
Would be fine too. If they go with the hotkey/quicksave instead of autosave I'm sure it's possible to script a little something to automate it. That said, if they take the autosave route, do you think it should be an option or an always-on thing?

On another note, does anyone know how to make a poll?
Yeah, I must admit that was a concern, hence the question. Here's another: on by default or off by default? In the former's case there should be a little notification somewhere in a corner to show players why it might lag. In the latter's case it'll need a warning prompt or somesuch, once again because autosaving might cause a bit of stutter.

Alternatively, the game could just pause and display something like 'autosaving - can be disabled in the options menu' while saving, then automatically resume when done.

Here's a final dilemma for now: one autosave slot that gets overwritten even on a different map, or one autosave slot per map?

The former makes the autosave slot cliser to what I initially intended it to be, namely a way to minimalize loss by crashes, but also leaves the thing rather limited.

The latter turns the autosaving into a convinience thing that eliminates the need for manual saving. This comes with the disadvantage of clutter; every single map with more than ten minutes of playtime gets a save. This might also cause issues with memory.

PS: teach meh polls plz
Feb 2, 2016
An autosave option should be a counter-crash only tool, since as you said, it might cause a lot of clutter, Avoiding loosing content due to crashes is cool and legitimate, but creating an autosave mechanism in the name of laziness sounds a little overdone to my opition, althought it will be nice to have, if it will indeed will be lag free. (Lags scare the hell out of me, I abandoned many awsome games just becauce of lags.)

PS: I have no Idea what a poll is. :(
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