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Dec 16, 2017
Enemy doors are infinite source of experience because of autorepair. So amount of exp units get from them should be limited.
Add key modifier that will make camera zoom and pan twice as fast.
Allow augre and juggernaut to deactivate enemy garrison.
Pan camera to next impasse flag when you right click impasse icon instead of removing every one of them.
Allow minions working in rooms gain experience.
Do not let player sell bridges on lava with units on them. It can be abused to kill enemy units.
Crypt glows when it has 1 or more corpses. It would be more useful if it glowed only if it's full, so you know where to drop your prisoners. Also the glow is too bright.
allow to place flags in fog of war.
Room tiles that surround their props should give bonus as fortified walls do.
Not open for further replies.
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