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Teleporters will enrich the game!

Need teleports (suggested or other)?

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ive actually been thinking about this too.. and rather then a room or claimable object i think it should be a construct.. now im playing a lot of comunity maps some of them are rather large.. and some of them have a walled off area
now in these 2 cases having a teleporter would be very handy since minions will always complain that they cannot reach their lair.. (it also seems they are to stupid to just make a new lair when the old one is out of reach and the new one can be made just 2 tiles away)
as for walled off area's im talking walled off with impenetrabel rock here, there may sometimes be a minion portal behind it.. causing the player to go there every time when a minion spawns en casting teleport on it
I like this version. It's a lot less... immediately available, which removes one of the biggest problems I have with the concept. Personally, however, I think that a middle ground might be best, where the teleporters themselves are shrines, but where they can start out damaged (set in the level editor), meaning you'll need to unlock the ability to fix it. This would still allow for arena-style matches, but without the extreme rushing potential of having unrestricted access to the things. Another issue I see is with allowing or disallowing claiming, though that is easily helped by giving it an option in the level editor.

Additionally, I'm curious how exactly people want the teleporters to function. Like portals, connected in pairs? Or more like stargates, where you can travel from any gate to any other? And what about usage? Only travel from claimed 'porters? Only to them? Both?
Mar 22, 2013
well i think it should work as a stargate, being able to travel between 2 (or more) CLAIMED gates, how would this work? in terms of coding very easy: lets say i own 3 gates A, B and C.. now a minion comes from a minion gate near portal A, however there is no sleeping place available, there is at C.. now instead of teleporting to B the minion selects the portal nearest to its destination, skipping B.. but now this minions wants to train, so it goes into portal C and goes to portal B where the underlord was generous enough to build a brand new training room

edit: it could also pose for some nice campaign scripts.. while in multiplayer only the owner can use the teleporters, however in campaign so can the empire.. having said this, i know it has to be something like a shrine, otherwise youy can instandly move your forces into the heart of the enemy base if you use the the exploration spell/outpost/construction ritual trick
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