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The best template for Steam controller


Feb 6, 2013
New York, USA
Greetings dear community,

I had recently purchased steam controller the most complicated input device there is on the market right now and yes before all of you will say that it's shit well it's not it's just the user is shit with it I guess. It has a very steep learning curve which makes it unattractive for simple minded users. However, I would like to play from my couch with the game that doesn't require too much input such game as this one. Therefore, I'm asking to work with me on the template that would fit everybody's needs and be sorta universal when playing WFTO.

So far I modified DarOnister's template with extra zoom in zoom out you can see it in the community templates now let's see if you can modify mine or DarOnister's template or create a completely new one that will blow our minds.

You are free to discuss any steam controller template related issues here.

Lord of Riva

The Lord
Dec 29, 2012
i personally think that both the UI and the actual gameplay doesnt lend itself well to a controller, i seriously doubt that making WFTO controller friendly, from our side, is an endeavor we can take on.

but otherwise i naturally wish you luck and success with your plans
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