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The old bridge of horror.

Dec 16, 2015
The old bridge of horror.
- 2 Player, versus map
- (Funny) one bridge warfare
- Lot of units (4 portals)
- Some parts of the bridge are indestructible, some can be destroyed and rebuild.
- Secrets added
- Traps
- Overall classic all out warfare on (almost) platform level!



The old bridge of horror, is a dark and evil bridge, only for the bravest to cross.
Beware for the goody hero's using this path, for they will quest for honor and glory. Let death and destruction await their souls.
Lead your army across the bridge of horror, to the underlord on the other side, and destroy his dungeon heart!

Good luck underlord.

The old bridge of horror objectives:

- Destroy the goody hero's on your path.
- Destroy the underlord across the bridge.
- Find secrets and battle bosses (hero's).
- Use vampires to control your prisoners (intake).
- Battle in a tug of war across a old bridge full of dangers.

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